It takes courage to live a sacred life. A life of the rebellious heart. The soul that dares to dream of a bigger, brighter, more beautiful world.

It takes an open heart to live from this place. To constantly be open to allowing your reality to crumble, in order to know the truth of your existence every day.

Every morning I surrender to my practices. Every night I willingly place my life in the fires of the day, to be reborn every morning. It isn’t always easy. This has been a work in progress, and something that I am constantly working on. The work is never done.

But every day I risk letting my world crumble so I can live my souls highest calling.

That is what I am here to embody, to teach and to share.

I am here to love the world unconditionally, with compassion and grace. And this has been my greatest learning. The ever-unfolding desire to live a life of intention and connection.

Every moment I am willing to let my heart shatter; for this world to obliterate me, if it means living my truth.

I want to feel the fullness of life’s emotions. The highs, the lows and everything in between.

I allow love to destroy me and to heal me. I allow love to transform me and in turn allow me to transform others with the depths of this understanding.

It is a dance of energy and intimacy with the world that I willingly take the lead on.

When our life becomes a dance between creativity, sexuality and spirituality, we begin to live with more passion and purpose. With more fire, presence and grace. And we begin to feel more whole.

If you are ready to follow your sacred rebel soul…follow the cookie crumbs I am sprinkling on this path and allow your heart to expand.

This is where I am today. Who knows where I will be tomorrow.

Follow your sacred rebel heart, into the wild unknown. Allow your path to unfold before you.

Courtney x


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