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10 Incredible Benefits of Blue Lotus

I absolutely love using Blue Lotus in my daily practice, as a tea, a tincture, an oil… so many ways to use this divine plant

Blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) is a sacred plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years. It also known as blue Egyptian lotus, Blue Water Lily, Sacred Water Lotus and sacred blue lily. (look for the genus name Nymphaea caerulea when buying).

It has been depicted in many Ancient Egyptian artifacts & artworks, and in Temples and Tombs. These depictions have seen this Sacred plant being used in celebration, through a blue lotus wine, and as a garland on priestesses. It is also shown as being used in sacred religious rites.

There are other depictions of this plant medicine being used in Greek and Mayan civilizations.

Much of the benefits we see being shared about this Sacred Lotus have come through history, as there are very few studies on the plant alone. However, the active compounds within the lotus have been studied extensively, which is where a lot of the understanding of this plant medicine comes from.

I am sharing some of the incredible benefits that I have personally experienced, as well as some of the main ones that I believe hold significance based on the active compounds.

Blue Lotus Flower contains two psychoactive compounds:

Apomorphine & Nuciferine

Apomorphine reacts with chemicals in your body to stimulate the production of dopamine. Dopamine is one of our happiness hormones. Nuciferine helps to induce a state of calm within the mind and body. It can leave you feeling a little euphoric.

It is also high in Antioxidants, which is where many of the other benefits come from.

Here are 10 Incredible benefits of Blue Lotus

  1. Inducing a state of calm, relaxing the nervous system, relieving anxiety. This is one benefit that I have personally experienced since starting to use this sacred plant. The serotonin and dopamine production from this plant, has been shown to directly influence the nervous system and reduce anxiety. I feel it like a wave of calm washing through my body and mind, whenever I drink this tea, or in a Ceremonial Cacao.
  2. Enhance Intuition. This may be a little out there for some people, but for those who are ready to dive deeper into their intuition, Blue Lotus may be a useful plant to work with. My intuition is my greatest asset. And yet, since using this plant medicine, I have found an increase in my crown chakra, and ability to channel. It feels like a clear void space is created within my mind, to receive even more direct communication. The ego mind steps aside, creating more space for higher wisdom. You can enhance this by working even more with intuitive practices, DMT meditations and more. It helps you connect to the hidden realms within. Again, this is anecdotal, and not everyone may experience this state, but I have heard of countless people who have experienced the same thing. You won’t know unless you try it for yourself. Try some of the incredible Pineal Gland meditations or Spiritual Activations from our Meditation Club here if you want to enhance your intuition even more!
  3. Increased Creativity. This is a lesser known benefit, but one that I personally experience every time I work with this plant. Similar to enhancing intuition, and calming the nervous system, it creates space and the right calm environment to tap into inspiration.
  4. Enhanced Dreaming. This is why many people begin to use Blue Lotus. For it’s ability to help stimulate lucid dreams, astral projection/travel, enhanced vivid dreams. It is also a beautiful sleep aid.
  5. Natural Aphrodisiac. The alkaloids in Blue Lotus have been shown to improve sex drive, increase libido, enhance fertility, improve erectile dysfunction. It may stimulate blood flow, and increase sensitivity and arousal.
  6. High in Antioxidants. Super high in antioxidants, Blue Lotus has been shown to improve the skin, in many ways. Improving skin tone and radiance, and increasing collagen production. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, so acts to improve health overall. Combined with Cacao (one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world), it is a super potent combination.
  7. Improved Memory. For some the compounds in Blue Lotus may also improve memory. Increasing blood flow to the brain.
  8. It has also been shown to be an Anti-Inflammatory, through the incredible compounds that it contains.
  9. It may also improve Digestive Disorders.
  10. And has been shown to improve Damaged Hair.

There are many other reported benefits, such as anti-diabetic (by balancing blood sugar), helpful for the heart and liver, balancing cholesterol, for promoting healthy menstrual cycle. and so many others.

Try it for yourself to see how it benefits your life.

You can use Blue Lotus in a Tea, steep it in wine, make it into a tincture or create oils for skin and hair.

There are so many known benefits of this beautiful plant. And we are just getting started with understanding her true magical frequency.

Preparation for Tea: Add 1-2 flowers to 250ml hot water. Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. You can resteep the flowers up to 3 times. I also personally like to steep an infusion overnight, for maximum benefits.

You can also use to infuse your own oils, tinctures, cacao and so much more.

Please use caution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some medications may also be contraindicated. Please consult your doctor before starting any plant medicine.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful plant medicine as much as I do 🥰

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