11:11 Portal Activation

A Journey for your Soul

Welcome to the 11:11 Portal Activation Journey!

This is the place for you to land, and work through the 11:11 portal activation journey.

I would begin with the Dark Moon Video, and then work in order from there.


11:11 Activation #1

Soul Fragment Retrieval Activation

Crystalline Light Body Activation

If you would like to take this practice further, during the activation I received guidance that Angel Aura Quartz or Opal Aura Quartz would be great crystals to journey with (I was channeling Angel Aura Quartz energy during the session). It is by no means necessary, I just know that some of you enjoy working with crystals as well.

11.11 Cord Cutting Activation

This meditation was recorded during the 11:11 ceremony

11.11 Activation of Light and Codes

This meditation was recorded during the 11:11 ceremony

Pink Love Activation

A delicious meditation for activating and embodying the frequency of Love

Gateway of Light Activation

Clear your field and activation with the Galactic Gateway of Light

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