5d Chakra Activation

Welcome to this 5D Chakra Healing and Activation journey.

A 12 week journey into the expanded Ascension Chakra System.

Journey with me into the Expanded Ascension Chakra System

This activation journey has been thoughtfully curated into 12 weeks, to allow time for integration and balancing within each chakra before moving on to the next.

At the end of the journey, we will also be working through an entire chakra healing, to integrate, align and balance all of the chakras as a whole.

This journey was created to help support the collective on the ascension journey, and to create a deep healing and activation process within each of the chakras.

The entire course has been created as an audio program, so you can listen at your own pace. There are a few additional videos that came through during the initial recording of this journey, which were channeled to create the most divine integration.

You can join the journey below. 

We journey into the Earth Star Chakra, Root Charka, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Higher Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, Causal Chakra, Soul Star Chakra & Stellar Gateway! 

Most people are familiar with the energies of the 7 physical chakras, but the Ascension Chakras remain a mystery! 

Have you ever wanted to access to Akashic Records? The Soul Star once activated, will allow you to tap into this clearly...

Have you ever wanted to learn to access the Divine Golden Light, and pull it into your being? Accessing the Stellar Gateway, and learning how to activate the Causal Chakra will allow this to supercharge your system!

What's included??

12 weeks of Activations, Meditations, Affirmations, Information and more

Each week you will receive at least 3 audio files, to journey with each chakra.

The higher ascension chakras are combined into one week, to allow for the highest alignment and integration.

$197 Pay in Full

Join 5d Chakra Activation



Unlimited Access to 5d Chakra Energy Activation Journey

This course is designed to be completed over a 12 week period, to allow time for integration.

To enable this, each week you will have new content loaded into your course portal.

After the 12 weeks, you can access it anytime you wish.

You will have 12 months access to the course.

This journey is asking for depth. It is asking for surrender into the upgrades and activation.

When this journey dropped into my field, I thought it would be like all other courses I have run. Recorded video with maybe a meditation per chakra.

But this was different.

It wanted to be recorded as an AUDIO Course, so that people could listen anytime they had a chance, rather than having to watch a video.

It also wanted to include all of the Ascension Chakras, to have be a complete journey in this energy.

So many people are struggling with Ascension, and by activating and clearing the heaviness in the higher chakras, it may ease some of this debris.

The course is split into weekly content, as this is how it was wanting to come through. To allow each soul enough time to fully integrate the energy of each chakra activation.

As with all of this work, the more you listen and dive into the journey, the deeper the activation and awakening process will be.

This container will either be a FULL SOUL YES or a NO. Only you can feel into that.

I have also been guided to share one note: that each persons activation will depend on their own personal journey. If you resist the changes, if you don't trust in the process, it won't have the same impact. If you are willing to allow the energy to shift within you, the impact will be a lot greater. Every person is at a stage in their journey that is right for them. I am here to hold the container and allow the energy to expand us all.

Frequent Asked Questions

What to expect?

This is an experiential journey. The more you allow yourself to surrender into the activations, the more it will expand you. The journey will go for 12 weeks, however you will have access to the course after that.

Expect a series of audio transmissions, such as meditations, light language activations, affirmations, light codes and more.

How is it run?

All of the content can be found in your course portal. You will receive new content each week for 12 weeks.

Where do I get support?

For tech support, please feel free to email us at hello@courtneywohling.com

We will endeavour to get back to your as soon as possible. If you need additional personal support, please feel free to book a 1:1 session with Courtney at any stage. If you are a VIP member, you can also get support in the facebook group.

Is there a refund policy?

I am all about feeling into a full soul yes and personal responsibility as a standard practice. So there are no refunds for this journey. If you need to withdraw before the ceremony begins and you haven't received any meditations etc, then please email me to discuss your options.

Courtney, and I am so happy you are here...

My mission is to guide people home to their own inner embodiment, what I call Somadhi (inlightenment through the body, mind, soul and heart). It is to guide people into their deepest, darkest places, and call them home to their light. To allow people a safe container to come home to their true path, their true soul alignment.

These are all parts of the journey we must face and integrate. And my hope is that this sacred space serves as a guiding ray of light, calling you back home to your soul. Where the sacred being in all of us is nurtured. Where we are allowed to feel the fullest expression of the human experience. To feel a deeper spiritual connection to your inner and higher self, to the collective consciousness. To open your heart. And to reawaken your soul from its slumber.

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