Am I still a Naturopath?

I got asked this question over the weekend…Am I still a Naturopath? And the short answer is, yes. But here is the truest answer I can give.

I have been a practicing Naturopath for years, and I loved it. I live and breath health and wellness. I dream about health, how I can treat people better. I have spent years immersed in Mental Health research, so I can offer the best possible treatment for my clients.

It was all I knew. And I loved it.

Becoming a Naturopath was one of the greatest moments in my life, as it was something I had dreamed about for years. For those who have followed me long enough, know, that a Naturopath literally saved my life. So to follow on that healing path meant everything to me. To be able to offer the same to others, drove me.

I fell in love with herbal medicine so much that I even started an Herbal Tea brand to help bring more herbal medicine healing out into the world. Plant medicine, for me, is the greatest gift we have been given on this earth. That is one of the reasons I fell in love with Cacao, and the true healing powers of plant medicine.

I felt like I had achieved a full circle of healing tools, able to offer my clients tools for healing in a holistic way.

I understand to treat Mental Health effectively, you need to address the biochemical, neuro-biological issues, to find the correct balance and heal any issues. But you also need to address the past emotional trauma, the fear, the feelings that are keeping you trapped in a cycle.

But I have also never quite been a ‘normal’ naturopath. I have veered in a different direction to the traditional naturopathic approach, pretty much since I became a naturopath.

But lately, even this approach has felt limiting to me.

I feel like I have been trapped in a bubble of healing that doesn’t serve me or my clients to expand fully.

And the direction started to shift for me naturally. As I began to heal more, I needed to include deeper levels of healing for my clients. To not only address the biochemical, but also to address the heart of the matter.

I have never been one to stay stagnant. If I feel the need to change the way I work, I will always do it. Because it serves me and everyone around me, better. Sometimes the change is scary, but I always know it is for the best outcome for everyone.

And the fact that I got asked the question made me really think about the changes that have been taking place in my work space.

Supporting people on their healing journey is my lifes work. However, I can no longer sit by and watch people hand over their power to someone else. To palm off their own self-responsibility in their healing journey. Because no one can do the work for you. I learnt that lesson from my naturopath when I was 19. It was the steepest learning curve, but it served me well moving forward in my healing.

So am I a Naturopath? Well, I will let you be the judge of that. If you are looking for someone to run a bunch of tests, to supplement every symptom without doing any emotional work, then I am not the person who can help you. And no, not every naturopath is like that either.

As our perception of the world changes, so to does the work we do and the way we do it.

If you are willing to take full responsibility for your health and healing, if you are willing to do the work required to heal, if you are willing to go deep, then maybe I am the person to help you on this journey, but only you can judge that.

I no longer know what my title is. I no longer feel I can identify with the labels that I have had for half of my life. What do I put on my business card now?! But I know that the label doesn’t matter, only the intention we put out into the world.

My intention is for a world that is healing.



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