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Awakening the Heart through Cacao

You may have heard it before. Cacao is the plant medicine for the heart. Drinking Cacao helps us to open to more love, to feel our emotions more deeply. It helps us reconnect back to our hearts. But the main question I get is…How?!

The hearts electromagnetic field is the strongest and largest of the entire body. More so than even the brain. What happens to our heart, happens to our entire body. Our emotional state is encoded in our hearts electromagnetic field and sent throughout our body and into our environment. This is one of the ways we sense what someone else may be feeling.

Our hearts electromagnetic field can be sensed over the entire body and can expand approximately 1 metre from the body. Being in some people’s presence makes us feel a certain way, they draw us in. While others may repel us with their energy. A majority of this energetic pull comes from the heart.

How incredible is that?!

The heart chakra is the centre from love. When our heart chakra is out of balance, we can feel a lack of love, a lack of empathy, closed off, withdrawn, and so much more. The energetic space of the heart can change our entire day. Our emotions can be felt throughout our entire body, simply from the heart’s energy.

Yes, there are other causes for feeling our emotions in our hips, shoulders, jaw etc, but I’ll talk about buried shadows in another post.

Today I really want to focus on the heart.

Cacao came into my life when I was experiencing turmoil with my health. My heart was playing up, and we couldn’t find a reason. It affected everything. I was constantly experiencing the pain of what felt like a heart-attack. I was fatigued beyond anything I had ever experienced. And every day I was living in a state of fear that I may not make it another day.

Every medical test was coming up with more questions, no answers.

And then came Cacao. Now, I am not saying that if you have a heart issue to drink cacao and do nothing else! NOT AT ALL! I saw the doctors, I saw naturopaths, specialists, everyone. But at the same time Cacao came into my life, and I immersed myself in its wisdom and a 9 month training with Cacao.

How did Cacao help my heart? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that after a month of working with Cacao, my symptoms started to clear, and I started feeling better. My tests started to regulate and my doctor was baffled.

So I kept on with my Cacao immersion, and it completely changed my life.

Cacao is known as a heart tonic for many reasons. Firstly, it contains magnesium, which helps to soften the muscles and increase ATP energy uptake. It stimulates circulation, so more blood pumping to the heart. And it contains many amino acids that help us create beautiful things like Serotonin (I will do a full post on the chemical components of Cacao soon – after years of mental health research, this is one of the best things I have ever found for mental health support as well! So I will go into that in depth!). It is also the only food that contains Anandamide, the Bliss Chemical, so it makes us feel good.

So how does this impact our hearts electromagnetic field?

As we use cacao to drop into our heart and surrender to the bliss chemical, the happy hormones, the magnesium (that also helps our mood), our nervous system and mood begin to change. The emotional charge of the heart begins to change, and we feel more love, connection and joy.

Sometimes, with the work that I do in ceremonies, the emotions can be super intense and bring up a lot of anger, fear, resentment, grief, hurt, but that is because we are releasing the buried trauma. This also allows us to be able to feel more expansion of the positive emotions we want to feel.

Cacao has the ability to bring us deep into our wounds, help us clear them out, and bring us back home to our centre with more gratitude.

Whenever I finish a ceremony with gratitude or love, you can feel the energy of the room intensify as we send that energetic charge out into the world. And that’s because we all radiate out our electromagnetic field, and we intensify that with the feelings of love and gratitude. It is a powerful thing to experience.

Taking away all of the science, Cacao also has it’s own energy. It has a beautiful essence that can be felt in every sip. The people who grow and prepare it, begin by setting the intention. When I prepare the cacao, I set an intention and infuse it with love (through a heart meditation, which as you can see from above, expands from my physical body – does it make its way into the cacao…I’ll let you be the judge).

All I know to be true is this...

Since beginning on my journey with Cacao, my whole life has changed. I have experience more love, for myself and others, I have healed past trauma, core wounds and beliefs. I have changed my entire business and what I am sending out into the world. I have let go of judgement, resentment, anger. I have come to a place where my anxiety is completely managed, and I only ever get anxiety now when I have something MAJOR happen – but I also know how to turn it around almost immediately.

Cacao awakens your heart. It awakens our ability to feel things to their fullest capacity. I sparks creation. It infuses our life with more bliss, more joy, more love. It grounds and centres. It uplifts and inspires us to take flight in our lives.

So much magic in this tiny bean.

To say that Cacao is Magic, for me, is an understatement.

It literally changed the frequency of my heart, to the frequency of LOVE.

What more could I ever want?

Oh, plus it tastes AMAZING (if prepared well!)

My mission is to help as many people as I can to experience the magic of cacao, to experience how it opens and expands our hearts. If you are interested in finding out more, I encourage you to come to one of the upcoming events. Each is designed around a different intention or purpose, but all will awaken your heart. And if you have been to a ceremony, you will know how amazing it can be. Like anything, the more you do it, the better it becomes. I encourage everyone to come and sit with Cacao, and allow it to infuse your heart with its essence. Then learn how to bring it into your daily life.

Ceremonial Cacao can be purchased here. Each batch is infused with a different intention, and spends time with me in a heart based meditation. So you know its full of the yummiest of energies.

If you are ready to truly AWAKEN your HEART, I am ready to guide you with the magic of CACAO.

Cacao blessings to you all,

Courtney xx

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