• Cacao,  Moon Magic

    Musings from a Mystic

    MUSINGS FROM A MYSTIC Cacao Musings this Full Moon   There have been many things weighing on my heart of late Bypassing happening within the collective A desecration of sacred practices and rituals Everything becoming trending, and losing its reverence   As I sit with…

  • Blue Lotus,  Cacao

    10 Incredible Benefits of Blue Lotus

    I absolutely love using Blue Lotus in my daily practice, as a tea, a tincture, an oil… so many ways to use this divine plant Blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) is a sacred plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years. It also…

  • Cacao,  Inspiration

    Awakening the Heart through Cacao

    You may have heard it before. Cacao is the plant medicine for the heart. Drinking Cacao helps us to open to more love, to feel our emotions more deeply. It helps us reconnect back to our hearts. But the main question I get is…How?! The hearts…

  • Cacao,  Inspiration,  Spirituality

    A Note on Love

    A Note on LoveI have read the words of the mystics, sages, poets, playwrights and beat writers. I have heard the words sing their melodies in my ears, resonating deep in my soul. I have consumed the letters, the sounds, the sensations. I have felt…


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