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    Dark Moon Ritual

    Creating a Dark Moon Ritual is a beautiful process of really dropping in to what your soul is craving. The Dark Moon is a place to enter the void. The Liminal Space. The space in-between. Working with the Goddess Hecate may help support you on this…

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    A Note on Love

    A Note on LoveI have read the words of the mystics, sages, poets, playwrights and beat writers. I have heard the words sing their melodies in my ears, resonating deep in my soul. I have consumed the letters, the sounds, the sensations. I have felt…

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    The Gift of De-Armouring

    The Gift of De-ArmouringOne of the greatest practices I ever learnt was de-armouring. De-armouring is the practice of releasing somatic trauma in the yoni (which encompasses the entire sexual centre and reproductive system in women) and in the entire sexual centre/reproductive system in men. Today I am…


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