Dark Feminine Mentoring

Are you ready to reclaim your Dark Feminine?

The essence that lives inside you, that has been suppressed or diminished for far to long.

My style of mentoring is not for everyone...I don't work with everyone who enquires. It is a commitment to self, that will awaken you to a deeper level of growth.

We work on reclaiming all the lost aspects of the Dark Feminine, to take your power back, to step fully into your purpose, to activate any dormant archetypes, to awaken the fullness of Shakti.

The Dark Feminine is strong, sensual, erotic, purpose driven, aligned, sexual, creative. And then we dance with the Light Feminine, in surrender and softness, vulnerability and compassion, and all facets in between.

This is a journey of embodiment.

It will take you into your depths, so that you can discover the true essence of your light.

If you are a Divine Feminine on the Twin Flame journey, this is the perfect space for you to heal, to expand into the fullness that you are!

To book a call to see if we are a good fit and to find out what you are wanting to achieve, book a FREE consult here

I am all about Transparency. So I want to give you the full details of the investment you will be making, before you decide to book a session.

The journey is 12 weeks, your commitment for embodiment will be up to you.

7 one on one sessions (via zoom) are included, and will range from 60-90mins per session.

A full intuitive card reading is included to check in with the energies that are around you when you begin.

You will have access to me, via the messaging service we decide on, throughout the 12 weeks.

The exchange is $2500


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