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Dark Moon Ritual

Creating a Dark Moon Ritual is a beautiful process of really dropping in to what your soul is craving. The Dark Moon is a place to enter the void. The Liminal Space. The space in-between.

Working with the Goddess Hecate may help support you on this journey, as you enter the space in-between.

The Dark Moon is my favourite Moon energy to work with. Allowing all the has been to be met with compassion, and allowing all that is to come to drop into space.

It is a beautiful time to revisit your past intentions. To release all that no longer serves, before beginning the New Moon Cycle.

Here is a simple Dark Moon Ritual to get you started.

Allow your soul to guide you. 

1. create an altar space, including a candle, incense, flowers, oils, crystals, or anything you feel called to use.

2. set your intentions. use the journal prompts to get really clear on your intentions.

3. light you candle as you feel into your intention.

4. begin some deep breathing, to go into the void spaces within you. feel into your womb, your heart, your entire being.

5. allow your breath to guide you into a meditation.

6. use your breath to drop back into your body. get your journal out and get really clear on what you want to let go of and call in for this new moon phase.

7. once you're clear, you can either recite your intentions, or burn them safely.

8. finish your Ritual by blowing out the candle and closing the space with an open, loving and grateful heart. 

Journal Prompts

what wins did you experience this month?

what challenges did you experience this month?

what triggers did you experience this month?

what growth have you noticed this month?

what are you ready to let go of, as you close out this phase of the moon cycle?

what fears are you feeling towards the void space, where all is uncertain, yet available to us?

what are you the most grateful for?

what are you ready to call in for the new moon cycle?

If you are ready to dive deeper into your darker spaces, feel free to join us for one of our events! I regularly have Shadow Work and Dark Feminine events scheduled.

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