Awaken The Divine Goddess Within.

You hold within you, everything you have ever needed to heal. Each of the products I have created are a gateway into that healing. To awaken the fullness of your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the unity that exists within the heart.

I hope that these products offer loving support on your journey.


The Snake represents our feminine, our kundalini, our Shakti, the energy that flows through us, our awakening to our essential nature

The Merkaba represents our masculine, our consciousness, our Shiva, the sacred geometry that holds the wisdom we seek, and reminds us of the potential we all hold

The Rose represents our heart space, the place where the masculine and feminine, yin and yang, consciousness and matter, meet, the place where we unite in unconditonal love and awaken our divinity

That is the essence that I was guided to create when the name DEVANI came into my consciousness, completely coming from some space of Intuitive Wisdom

And I hope that all of the products that find their way into your field help to awaken the divine goddess within (yes, men can still use these products! we all hold the goddess and god vibrations was just the energy that I was guided to bring out into the world)


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