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Twin Flame Ascension Mentor

The path of the Twin Flame journey is a Sacred Ascension Journey. However it can be a challenging path to take.

I am here to be a guide on this journey. No matter what phase of the journey you are experiencing, I am here to support you in the process.

Below you will find links to my readings, intuitive guidance sessions, embodiment mentoring and any meditations or upcoming workshops. 

This page is dedicated completely to the Twin Flame journey, while the rest of my website contains a multitude of other offerings.

Intuitive Readings and Guidance are a great way to get clarity and guidance on areas of your life where you may be feeling stuck or needing direction. They are also used to tune into any Higher Consciousness messages that you may need to receive. We can also tune into your connection and see what is keeping your energy blocked.

I currently offer these readings via Video in Zoom. Sessions can be booked for 30min or 90min, depending on how in depth you want to go, or the areas of your life you are feeling drawn to receive guidance. 6-12 Card Email Readings and 10min pre-recorded sessions can also be booked, and are sent via email or a private youtube link.

You may have specific areas or questions, or feel more into a free flow space for the reading. Once the session begins, allow anything and everything to come through! There are no limits to what messages may want to come through for you.

I use a combination of Channeling, Oracle & Tarot Cards, Intuitive Gifts and anything else I am drawn to work with during a session.

These sessions are a great way to tap into the higher energies to feel into what is for your HIGHEST GOOD. During each reading we will tune into your souls intuitive knowing and allow clear guidance and practical understanding to help you align fully to your Souls Highest Good in this life.


Be ready to get your innermost needs met beyond expectation. Go into reading with open mind and listen fantastic reading. Nonjudgmental. Uplifting energy and true heart. ~ Kim

Email reading 0r 10min

Recorded Session



All prices are in AUD

Email or Pre-recorded Video Reading. Email or Video will be sent within 7 days of order being placed

30min Live Session



All prices are in AUD

30min Live Zoom Reading. Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Reading

90min Live Session



All prices are in AUD

90min Live Zoom Reading & Guidance Session. Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Reading.

Embodiment Mentoring

Are you ready to awaken fully to the twin flame ascension journey?

To connect fully to your inner union...

Activate your souls highest frequency

Connect to the essence of unconditional love

Remove any stagnation or blocks that are preventing the highest alignment from coming through

My style of mentoring is not for everyone...I don't work with everyone who enquires. It is a commitment to self, that will awaken you to a deeper level of growth.

Mentoring is not about coming into union with another. It is an embodiment journey for SELF, allowing you to anchor in your highest souls expression in this lifetime.

If you are currently in separation with your counterpart, we look at what separation you have with your inner union first and foremost.

This is about connecting to YOUR FULLNESS! To awakening into your mission in this lifetime, and so much more...

This is a journey of embodiment.

It will take you into your depths, so that you can discover the true essence of your light.

This is a journey of deep soul discovery and a place where rebirth is calling you forward.

I don't take anyone on this journey who is only seeking external union.

This is all about SELF. This is all about YOU. If you are ready to be fully expanded, then I invite you to connect with me.

To book a call to see if we are a good fit and to find out what you are wanting to achieve, book a free mini chat here

Frequent Asked Questions

Can I get a reading if I live in a different country?

Absolutely. Energy is universal.

What if I don’t have a specific question or intention in mind?

That is totally fine! A lot of people I do readings for just want a general overview of what is going on for them, any possible guidance and possible blocks. I have found with the work I do (especially the shadow work) that a lot of people don’t even know where to start. So, a general overview is a great place to see where you are at, and where you may need to look a little deeper.

Yes/No questions and Negative readings…

I generally don’t answer yes/no questions, but guidance may come through strongly for you in one way or the other. Take it how it resonates. For anyone who is fearing a negative reading, please don’t. Readings aren’t negative, but they may show you some areas of your life that need attention. If I am guided to, I may pull some cards to work on the Shadow Aspect, but these are a beautiful guide for where your awareness may need to look at.

What is the cost of Embodiment Mentoring?

Every aspect of our journey together is channeled for the highest good of each client, including the price. Pricing starts at $1800 for 6 weeks. Everything including the timeframe, journey, meditations etc are all channeled and brought through for your individual journey. Feel free to book a mentoring consult to see if we are the right fit.

Any other questions

feel free to ask hello@courtneywohling.com

Sacred Soul Connection/Relationships:
Are you seeking a deeper level of connection in your relationship? Are you wanting to call in your Soul Connection?

These readings are designed to look at the Divine Relationship we have with self and another, and what your Higher Self wants you to know.

If you are craving a deeper level of intimacy, a truly sacred soul connection, or a new love…or if you are in a TF separation and seeking understanding of the challenges you are facing, these sessions are the perfect guide

Client Love Notes


At my first ever Cacao ceremony with Courtney (at the time it was through another event that I attended a ceremony, or I don’t think I would have booked in!), I felt a deep transformation in my life. I knew I had to see more of what Courtney had to offer and I was not disappointed. Over a couple of years, I have attended Cacao events and various forms of online coaching with Courtney and they’ve all added to the way I experience life and they’ve m showed me how to open to love, feeling the richness of what life has to offer. Our ability to feel ourselves and to feel others are what make our lives so full, to feel the humanness of ourselves and to expand our awareness and challenge our beliefs. Courtney has shown me how to do all of this and more. She feels more like a wise older sister than a mentor at times and it’s with her joy, love and passion for her work (along with her honesty and openness), that makes her so magnetic!



Where do I start... Courtney is incredible. I have now been to 7 of her workshops and everyone has been deeply nourishing, deeply activating in a way that changes your reality and fills your cup up for weeks, meanwhile breaks down limiting belief systems which have held you back in your life, this changes your day to day experience long term. she is so f**king real and authentic (excuse my french) and blew me away with her intuitive perception at my first workshop, i mean seriously Courtney, you just met me, how did you knoooooow. if you are thinking about seeing courtney in any capacity, just do it, the experience is invaluable.she has a wealth of knowledge, infinite insights and those meditations... so profound... just do it


Courtney, and I am so happy you are here...

My mission is to guide people home to their own inner embodiment, what I call Somadhi (inlightenment through the body, mind, soul and heart). It is to guide people into their deepest, darkest places, and call them home to their light. To allow people a safe container to come home to their true path, their true soul alignment.

These are all parts of the journey we must face and integrate. And my hope is that this sacred space serves as a guiding ray of light, calling you back home to your soul. Where the sacred being in all of us is nurtured. Where we are allowed to feel the fullest expression of the human experience. To feel a deeper spiritual connection to your inner and higher self, to the collective consciousness. To open your heart. And to reawaken your soul from its slumber.

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