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Empowering Yourself To Heal

Empowering yourself to heal

There is no one else out there that can heal you. Period.

The best you can ask for, is someone to guide you on the path of healing yourself. Feeling whole and complete. Feeling a deep sense of self-worth and self-love. Reclaiming the lost aspects of yourself that you have buried away, suppressed or hidden.

Many people seek out a healer. Someone to fix them, mend them, heal them. Someone to wave a magic wand and make everything go away. Every hurt, every sadness, every illness, everything. It is something I see daily.

And I am here to tell you, that no one can heal you, except you. No one can do the work for you. No one can wave that magic wand and make everything better.

Except you. You are in control of how you make your way on this journey.

All any of us can offer you is the wisdom of our tools, our insight, our guidance, our energy. And from there you take control back and Reclaim your life. You reclaim your true self.

My mission is to empower you to heal yourself. To gain access to all the wisdom, intuition, guidance I have gathered over the years to help guide you on the path. To find an easier path than I first experienced. To bring it all into one beautiful space, so you feel empowered in your own healing.

Think about how many times you have gone to the doctor, or a healer and been desperate for them to heal you! And yet, our own inner wisdom knows how to do this. It is just needs to tools, direction and space to be able to do this.

My mission is to empower you do much that you no longer seek externally, for you know internally how to ‘heal’. And what is it you are truly healing anyway?

What if, there was nothing to heal? What if, all you were truly needing, was to come home to who you truly are. To release all of the shame, guilt, resentment, wounding, energetic blocks, old stories and patterns. And embrace your sexual, sensual, joyful, playful, loving, kind, free nature. To embrace all of who you were always meant to be. And in that embracing, you let go of the energetic blocks that were keeping you stuck all along.

What if healing were simply a choice to come home to yourself. To love yourself more. To embrace all of your beautiful shadow aspects. To let go of the conditioning, the judgement, the shame of being who you truly are. Would you make the choice to reclaim your true self?

Would you journey all the way into your body, mind, heart and soul, to find all the missing pieces that you have disconnected from?

Would you make the choice to become YOU.

My mission is to empower you to come home to your true self. To reclaim your true self. To embrace all the beautiful facets that make you, you.

If you are excited to come home, to reclaim your true self, come along on this journey with me.

People often ask me, how long will it take… And the true answer is, it is a lifelong journey. But the depth of your unfolding, of your coming home, will depend on how committed you are to the joy of doing the work. I will show you the tools, often wisdom and guidance, and show you the beautiful path ahead…it is then up to you to start walking home (or running!)

I have streamlined how people can work with me. And I am so excited about this new phase of my own journey.

If you would like to work with me ONE on ONE, the best way (and soon to be only way) is Mentoring. This is a 6 week journey to go deep into yourself. Homework is offered…it is up to you to do it. (pricing for mentoring will be going up at the end of August, so if you have felt called to work with me, send me a message, or book in a chat, to see if we are a good fit)

AWAKEN THE DIVINE WITHIN, is my new MEMBERS ONLY platform. This is a monthly membership option, where each month you will be given transmissions, workshops, ceremonies and more, to help guide you on the path of reclaiming all those aspects of SELF.

INTUITIVE READINGS/GUIDANCE is a way to gain clarity on your path, seek guidance, or tune into what your higher self is calling you to remember.

In person workshops will be up and running again soon!

And a BRAND NEW COURSE, more like an IMMERSIVE 7 MONTH JOURNEY will be live really soon. This will be the most comprehensive way of journeying with me, for the deepest dive into SELF.

I am here as a guide, as a mentor, as a wayshower, as a light worker. I am here to help you reclaim who you have always been… if you are ready to see the joy in doing the work.

Much love

Courtney x

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