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Entering the PORTAL of TRUTH: Weekly Energy Update 24th May 2023

Entering the PORTAL OF TRUTH

Welcome to a brand new weekly energy update. I haven’t been called to write one of these for a while, as I do this through my readings on YT. However, I have missed writing out these energy updates, as I love words.

So I was guided to drop in this week and do a written energy update, based on what is currently taking place in the collective energies.

(a little disclaimer… this is not an astrology energetic update. While I do pull on themes of what is currently going on in the astrological realm, I always channel what is currently present in the energetic field.)

Take it as is resonates and connects for you at this time, and leave what doesn’t.

So let’s dive into this weeks message!

When I was first tuning into the energies, I received a very clear message. We are entering a PORTAL OF TRUTH. And this will feel different to everyone.

It is like we are being shown beyond what we have previously, to move into a higher timeline, or soul contracts.

Many are being almost pushed into stepping into their soul path, dharma, soul purpose, mission, however you want to connect with the phrasing.

However this may feel uncomfortable for many.

Why? Because, truth is subjective to where we are at in our journey. I always say, that you need to operate from a high level of discernment when it comes to truth.

Because, what was once true for you can move very quickly. Truth is an ever moving target, and just as we land on a new version of our truth, something within or around us can shift to bring new awareness and perspective into our field.

When this happens, our truth may very well change.

The message with this Portal of Truth, was that rapid changes to your own inner truth will be taking place over the next week or so, as you are being initiated into a higher timeline.

If you allow the energy to move through you, it will be less painful. If you try to fight it, and stick to your known truth, you may feel a greater degree of discomfort.

How are we being guided to work with this?

Those who have been facing any form of victim mentality, any old addictions or challenging behavioural traits, will be guided to face them once and for all.

This isn’t to shame yourself, but to allow yourself to close out these old beliefs and contracts.

If you need support in working through this, a shadow work reading may be really helpful.

For many, you may feel the emotional body is feeling a density or weight over the coming few weeks. You are being guided to become an active participant in your healing journey, and do the inner work needed to move through these blocks or resistance.

Everything that is coming to the surface over the next few weeks, is trying to show you how deeply you have moved to a new level of internal truth. Now is the time to do the work, to align with this new truth and allow it to anchor into your reality.

There may be physical symptoms arising as well, such as sleep disturbances, anxiety, irritability, joint pain and many others. This is also trying to bring your awareness to where you may be holding old energy within the physical body.

Light body activations may also be taking place, if you are ready to allow this in your energetic field. We have been in a Pleiadian portal for the past few days, where light activations have been at an all time high I am hearing.

Ask how you can work with the energy rather than trying to control how it is impacting you. The more you can allow this energetic shifts to take place, the quicker you will move out of this level of discomfort.

If you would like support with this, you may find this new activation helpful.

There is also a huge energetic shift taking place in relationships right now. Calling for divine masculine energy (remember this is simply an energetic representation of the dynamics, and nothing to do with gender) to fully awaken to their soul path and heal old templates around love and relationships. There is a lot of healing to be done here I am hearing, so this may be a challenging few weeks for divine masculines.

Divine feminines are being asked to open themselves to more light, so they can anchor this into the collective. Yes divine feminines, you are meant to be the beacon of light for the highest templates of love. Any distortion you hold around relationships and old templates of love are currently coming to the surface to be cleared.

For those who have been avoiding being an active participant in their journey will face the toughest challenges over the coming weeks. You will be shown just how far you may have gone off track. Or you may be questioning if things will ever get better.

The advice for you right now, is to work in tandem with the universe. When you receive guidance, follow it. When you feel a trigger, work with it. When you feel pain or anxiety or frustration, go within and deal with it.

If you want something to change, change it.

Let go of fear, and trust the path that you are on. If you need to work with this more, ask, how does love want me to show up today? What does love want from me? This moves you from an operating system of fear and into an operating system of love.

Many illusions are also cracking this week. Surrendering to what you think you know and allowing for what is being shown will help break the internal fight and resistance.

Above all, trust that everything is happening in divine timing for you and your journey.

Remember that this is a collective energy, and may not 100% align with where you are at on your journey. TRUST in yourself to know what is right for you. Energy is always moving, and we are always evolving if we let ourselves evolve and not resist what is coming up.

Much love divine souls,


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