There has been more and more attention on Cacao Ceremonies recently, thanks in large part to social media. There has been a real shift in using ancient wisdom and healing practices. And people are starting to pay attention to these beautiful tools.

I wanted to share a little on my journey in the healing wonders of Cacao and my experience that has helped shape my life at present.

I had felt drawn to cacao ceremony for a long time. I had been watching it on social media, reading more about it, feeling the pull to do the work, but hadn’t allowed myself to go into the space to really understand it.

Then, a little while ago, I received three message to enter into the cacao ceremony journey. Literally 3 messages in one day. I took it as a sign that I was ready, and then came a link from a friend that gave me my final push.

And my journey didn’t start with a single ceremony, I decided to go into an immersion, a training, a full journey to the centre of my soul, with no idea what I would do with it all.

I just knew that I had to do it. That this particular journey/immersion/course was the path I needed to take.

I went to my first session with a completely open mind, and no expectations. I had nothing to compare it to, no knowledge of what was going to happen. Just the call to enter the space.

Up to this point, I had started on some deep healing work to help me make some major shifts in my life. I could never have imagined what Cacao had in store for me.

Entering into Cacao Ceremony, is entering into your heart space. Allowing you to drop deeper into your heart and open yourself to deeper healing, if you are willing to let it.

By allowing myself the space to drop deeper, I have been able to meet my pain, my blockages, my resistance and my fear at heart level, and move through the things I have been holding onto for years.

Things I didn’t even know existed.

It allows me to find my centre, something that I have struggled to maintain in other ways. It allows me to connect back to my soul and hear the wisdom of my past, my present and hear my true calling.

Each ceremony drops me deeper into that space and connects me almost instantaneously now. Each journey is different, depending on if I am being guided, the music I am listening to, the issue I am working through, the person I want to send healing to. So many different gifts have come out of Cacao Ceremony for me.

The joy I have when I intuitively select herbs to mix with the cacao to create the right blend for myself and others.

It has been one of the most incredible experiences I have been able to witness.

Not only did cacao allow me a deeper healing and level of peace than I ever imagined was possible, but it also led me on a path of taking other people on this journey. To be able to bring this gift to others is such an incredible feeling.

Cacao changed the course of my life, of my work. It changed the vision I had created for myself, and the people around me that I was working with. It has allowed me a deeper sense of calm when I am working with my clients. It has allowed for a greater level of connection with myself and others. It has allowed me to see my worth on a deeper level. It has allowed me to drop deeper into my meditations and find moments of total silence and bliss.

To say it has changed my life is almost an understatement. It has been one of the greatest gifts I have been able to experience.

This is why I hold the space and run Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Goddess Dance Parties (fuelled by Cacao of course) and will continue to bring exciting new Cacao infused experiences out into the world. That’s not to say that everyone will get the same thing out of it, some people aren’t drawn to it, some people will resist the changes and dropping into their heart space, others simply won’t feel the connection. And that’s ok. Everyone is different.

I hope to inspire people to sink into ancient healing wisdom and allow it to transform you.

To find out about upcoming Sacred Cacao events, click the link here.

What ceremony or ritual helps you drop into your heart space?


Courtney xx

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