I Am A Woman

I am a woman

A strong woman

A broken woman

I am a woman

A strong woman

A broken woman

A wild woman

A delicate woman

A healing woman

A medicine woman

A beautiful woman

A loving woman

A sacred woman

A sexual woman

A sexy woman

A fearless woman

A raging woman

A connected woman

A yearning woman

A searching woman

I am a woman who refuses to allow anyone to bring me down (again). A woman who owns her worth (now), a woman who embraces all the light and dark inside her, and strives to always feed the light (but I’m human, sometimes the darkness is fed).

I am a woman who loves fiercely (always have, always will – it’s either love or it’s nothing), a woman who is wildly passionate.

I am a woman who is tender and fragile (despite the strength that is sometimes shown), a woman who is raging inside.

I am a woman who runs into the fire, sometimes afraid of being burnt (we are all afraid sometimes), but never regretting the scars.

I am a woman who sees her ghosts show up in the middle of the night, reminding of where she has been.

I am a woman who is formidable, a force of nature, and yet as gentle as a feather floating on the wind. I am misunderstood, and yet so easy to read. I have been mistaken for a cold heart, and yet underneath is a warm soul who is yearning to be seen.

I am a woman who will show up to your darkness, because I know your light. A woman who embraces all of someone. A woman whose soul yearns to be connected at the deepest possible level with another.

I am a woman who believes that love is the best thing we do, and intimacy is the way to love. A woman who dances to the beat of my own heart, sings the songs of my soul, and longs to run free with the wolves.

I am a woman.

I embrace all of the women I am.




This has been an incredible journey for me. To find the connection back to myself, to my worth, to my truth, to embrace all of who I am, and not just be comfortable with it, but be proud of who I have become.

To all the women out there, embrace all of who you are. Know your worth. Connect to your soul. Connect to your truth. Find out what women you are and live the life you were meant to live.

If this resonates with you, and you would like to work with me to help guide you on this journey, I would love to hear from you.


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