The Temple

Our Sacred Inner Circle

Buried deep within each of us, is the Sacred Codes, the Ancient Wisdom, the Primordial Space of all Creation

As we dance along the edges of our humanness and uncover the depths of our soul wisdom, we are met in our wholeness, in our sacredness.

The Beautiful

The Messy

The Unfolding & Reweaving

The Wild & Free

The Warrior songs that call us to rise in our power

The Sacred Rage

The Eternal Fire that lives within our womb

The depths of the Darkness

and the Illumination from our Light

We are here for all of it

We are here for all of you

As you face an inner death. You are held

As you journey into reclamation. You are held

As you rise into your divine self. You are held

What is included in The Temple?

Monthly Sacred Circles, Transmissions and/or Meditations

Included Access to our Sacred Courses (listed below)

A community of divine souls, all here to support you on your journey

Work with the Divine Feminine energy & the Goddesses

The Temple is a Sanctuary for you: your body, your mind, your heart, your soul, on this divine journey.

It is a place where deep wisdom, from myself and the Goddesses, is shared

A place of ritual, devotion, practices & ceremony

It is the Sacred Space where you are witnessed as you journey within your inner temple

" Courtney Wohling! You and this group have absolutely changed my life . I've been going through illness, surgery and healing all in one year. You have taught me so much to listen to myself, use my divine power, listen & trust myself and the universe! Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️."

The temple

VIP Sacred Inner Circle Membership

$111 AUD per month

Cancel Anytime

What's included?!

Monthly Sacred Temple (live via Zoom)

Fortnightly Goddess Transmissions (live via FB group)

Live Readings & Transmissions as the energy calls (live via FB group)

Access to any Moon Temples run each month

Access to a private community of divine souls, who are here for support and connection

Plus access to our brand new Meditation Club $19.95 monthly value

Plus access to the following courses:

Path of the Priestess (launching May 2022) - $997 value

Activating your Spiritual Gifts (launching June 2022)

Womb Awakening (launching June 2022)

The Goddess Codes (ongoing) - $97 monthly value!


As a special bonus, I have been guided to offer our other courses

Descent into Self ($297 value)

Fearless Feminine Leadership ($297 value)

5d Ascension Chakra Journey ($111 value)

(please note that access to all courses remains available while you are a member. If you cancel your membership, your access to the courses will also be cancelled)

More courses & initiations coming soon!

If you are feeling that deep soul pull

The desire to connect in this Temple Space

If your Soul is saying YES, then say yes to your Soul

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the membership price?

The Temple is a Monthly Membership fee of $111 AUD (annual options are also available).

If you wish to cancel your membership before the next billing cycle, you can do that by simply going to your account and cancelling your membership. You will have access until the end of your billing cycle.

How do I access the content?

As a VIP Member, you will have access to your content via the private Facebook group, via your own membership page and sometimes via email.

All scheduled Live sessions are done via Zoom and pop up lives will be in the Facebook group.

All videos, meditations and PDFs will be loaded in the Members Area.

You simply need your log in details to enter the members area.

How much time do I have to commit each month?

Each persons journey is up to them. It all depends on how many courses you are currently working on, how much time you wish to commit to your personal journey. This is your journey!

What's included in the membership?

Please see the details above for what is included in each of the membership levels.

Do you offer a refund policy?

No. We do not offer a refund for change of mind. I believe in following a FULL SOUL YES! Due to the fact that you have immediate access to all past Members content and any current programs, no refunds will be given at any point for Memberships.

Who do I contact for any other questions?

For any other questions, please feel free to email us at

Courtney, and I am so happy you are here...

My mission is to guide people home to their own inner embodiment, what I call Somadhi (inlightenment through the body, mind, soul and heart). It is to guide people into their deepest, darkest places, and call them home to their light. To allow people a safe container to come home to their true path, their true soul alignment.

These are all parts of the journey we must face and integrate. And my hope is that this sacred space serves as a guiding ray of light, calling you back home to your soul. Where the sacred being in all of us is nurtured. Where we are allowed to feel the fullest expression of the human experience. To feel a deeper spiritual connection to your inner and higher self, to the collective consciousness. To open your heart. And to reawaken your soul from its slumber.

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