Let the shattering begin


Two phrases my soul spoke to me, changed my life:

‘what if I am fundamentally unlovable’

‘let the shattering begin’

Both of these phrases came from the deep recesses of my soul at a time when I was ready to surrender.

Before that, I thought I was happy, whole, living my best life. When in reality I was stressed out of my mind, stuck, stagnant, angry, resistant, blocked to all forms of love.

And then one day I surrendered. I surrendered to my souls wisdom and the healing I needed to do. I surrendered to my truth. Which was a hard reality to face.

And I knew when I wrote the line in my journal: let the shattering begin, I meant it. It came out of nowhere and within 3 days I discovered cacao. And I began to shatter.

I shattered everything I knew, believed, felt. I shattered anything that no longer served me (and I’m still going). It was a willingness to completely shatter my soul, in order to rebuild from a place of truth and love.

And it was completely unconscious. I didn’t make the choice of what I was ‘shattering’ and ‘letting go of’- my souls wisdom did that for me. I just had to use the tools offered to me, to guide it where it needed to go.

And it was not easy.

It still isn’t. Facing the reality that what you ‘believe in’ may no longer serve you.

Everyday I show up to my practice with the same intention – to let go of anything that doesn’t serve me. To be the love. To let go of fear. To be my truth. To let me heart and soul guide me on this journey.

Some days I face resistance. Some days there is total surrender. Some days there is pure joy. Some days there is total pain. And it is all perfect.

It is all as it is meant to be.

And I continue to repeat my mantra of:

‘let the shattering begin’

Always followed by a positive statement for my highest good, and the love that I want to be in the world.

Everyday we have the choice to show up and let go of that which no longer serves us. To show up to our practices. To show to the life that we are living, and the one that we wish to create.

Dropping in, letting go, embracing all, loving completely.

That is what healing looks like to me.

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