Lions Gate Ceremony & Activation

Replay Available - this is no longer a live event

Join me in this potent PORTAL ACTIVATION

As we anchor in the upgrades that this 8.8 gateway is bringing through.

This is a time of Cosmic Alignment, when there is an increase of light and energy within the physical and spiritual realms.

This energetic gateway is one of the most potent gateways into ABUNDANCE, LOVE, PROSPERITY and so much more!

It is time to set and anchor your intentions, activate DNA and soul code upgrades, awaken higher frequencies in your light body, illuminate your soul star connection...

This Gateway is a potent time to Activate your full potential

Option 1: CEREMONY ONLY: for those who are ready to come to the POTENT LIONS GATE CEREMONY at 7pm (ACST) on the 8th of August. This Ceremony is going to be a huge activation and guided space for amplifying your ascension journey. A replay of the ceremony will be available for 2 weeks after the event.

Option 2: FULL ACTIVATION SERIES (Ceremony & Activations)! For those who are ready for the Full Activation, the option was to come along this journey with me for rest of the gateway. Not only will you have access to the incredible Ceremony, but you will also receive access to our Course Portal with Activations & Meditations, channeled for 2023. The first activation for 2023 will be released on the 28th July, and the final one on the 12th August - there will be between 3-5 activations channeled, during this portal. You will also receive immediate access to the 5 Activations from 2022!

(the total number of activations for this year is not 100% final yet, as I always wait until we are in the energy to see how many we need to download!)

What's included??

OPTION 1: Lions Gate Ceremony on 8th August

OPTION 2: FULL ACTIVATION - Available as a Replay including the Ceremony & Activations

Lions Gate Ceremony plus additional meditations & activations within our Course Portal, including the 5 activations from 2022 Lions Gate Portal!

Lions Gate is one of my Favourite times of year! We channel through soooo much energy during this gateway, and I work with some incredible energies every year. 

Last years portal was INSANE! The energy was so potent, and we channeled through some incredible activations and light codes during the 2 weeks, and in the live ceremony.

Every year the Ceremony is completely unique, as we channel what is wanting to come through for the highest activation for the collective.

I am SOOOOO excited to be able to hold this ceremony again. Last years activations were extremely potent, for those who feel guided to work with them before we begin this years activation journey.

Are you ready to step into these incredible energies?

If you are feeling called to...

  • activate any dormant DNA
  • anchor in higher frequency light
  • set the most potent intentions for the highest frequency manifestation
  • uncover the depths of your love, peace and so much more
  • discover who you are and anchor your most potent soul mission
  • And so much more

Frequent Asked Questions

What to expect?

The ceremony will be run via Zoom, and a replay will be available. If you are also receiving the additional meditations and activations, these will be sent out to journey with. It will be a potent activation, if you allow yourself to go through this process.

How is it run?

We will run this journey through Zoom for the ceremony, and our course portal for the activations and ceremony replay. 

Where do I get support?

For tech support, please feel free to email us at

We will endeavour to get back to your as soon as possible. If you need additional personal support, please feel free to book a 1:1 session with Courtney at any stage. 

Is there a refund policy?

I am all about feeling into a full soul yes and personal responsibility as a standard practice. So there are no refunds for this journey. If you need to withdraw before the ceremony begins and you haven't received any meditations etc, then please email me to discuss your options.

Meet Courtney

My mission is to guide people home to their own inner embodiment, what I call Somadhi (inlightenment through the body, mind, soul and heart). It is to guide people into their deepest, darkest places, and call them home to their light. To allow people a safe container to come home to their true path, their true soul alignment.

These are all parts of the journey we must face and integrate. And my hope is that this sacred space serves as a guiding ray of light, calling you back home to your soul. Where the sacred being in all of us is nurtured. Where we are allowed to feel the fullest expression of the human experience. To feel a deeper spiritual connection to your inner and higher self, to the collective consciousness. To open your heart. And to reawaken your soul from its slumber.

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