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Activations & Healings vs Meditations...

I personally love meditations, and meditate everyday. I offer a lot of meditations for free on youtube, in courses & in our patreon community. They are a perfect tool to use for your daily practice.

Activations & Healings are different. 

Activations are designed to do exactly that... ACTIVATE. And the Healings have been created using Quantum Energy to help support your journey. These can include activating your dormant DNA, Kundalini Activation, Past Life Activation, Nervous System Healing. Each one has been specially created to help support you in many different ways, such as cord cutting, soul activation and so much more.

Part of my Sacred Purpose is to ACTIVATE & HEAL. Each of these offerings come from a deep desire to help elevate the consciousness and love of humanity. 

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Client Love Notes

"WOW! Courtney’s cacao ceremony definitely left an imprint. Powerful, raw, genuine, honest, feminine, grit, love are just some words that come to mind. Courtney does not sugar coat anything and also doesn’t hold back from being vulnerable and meeting you in your hell and to gently pull you out. I love her, I love what she does and what she stands for."

"I wasn't sure what to expect from Courtney's Cacao Ceremonies but what I've got is far beyond what I could have imagined. I’ve attended quite a few now. Each one has impacted me in a completely different way from the other, but they've all opened my heart and deepened the sense of connection I’ve been looking for. I’ve danced, cried, released and left feeling blissfully happy, peaceful and content."

"Cacao has become a routine part of my daily self-care practice now. Since I’ve been drinking it I’ve started writing poetry again - something I haven’t done for many years! It's literally expanded me creatively and spiritually and connected me to my heart and emotions more. With the cacao's help, I can find and release pockets of pain, which then opens me up to seeing and feeling the love that's within and all around me."

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