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Meeting Yourself at the Bones ~ weekly musings

Today I have been guided to begin a new way of connecting through words. Of making sense of this world through stories, analogies, prose and whatever else wants to flow through me.

Instead of doing energy updates like I used to, I have been guided to begin to share in this new format, without any rules attached to how that needs to look.

So here is the first piece I am going to share.



I sometimes call it meeting yourself at the bones. Other times I would say it’s about meeting your edges. The journey of meeting the most tender parts of you. The journey of meeting the point of resistance or fear you hold within. The journey of meeting the ragged and frayed parts, and allowing them to soften under your gentle touch.

In our Cacao training, I guide people through a practice of Meeting yourself at the Bones. A journey of connecting even deeper to the places you have hidden within, and allowing yourself to dance along the edges of your bones. It is one of the most profound meditations that we journey with, as it invites in a depth that we are so often afraid of meeting.

I love the edges. I love the sinew and bones. This is where the gift is buried.

It is a lot easier to meet yourself at the level of the mind. It is safer there somehow. Maybe because the mind will try and keep you safe. Whereas, the body wants to take you into the murky depths and drag you down until you are barely breathing.

There is deep wisdom held within the ‘bones’. Both physically, but also metaphorically. The bones signify the absolute depths we hold within. The edges, signify the places within that feel the most challenging to us.

Forget about the energy around you. I want to know what wisdom the blood holds, what messages the cells and sinew have for me. I want to ache with the wombs ache, feeling into the memory of my ancestors, and the wisdom they have to share.

I want to feel so completely immersed in the bones, that the world around me dissipates, and all I have left is the cracking voice of the crone rising from within.

I crave to feel the entanglement of flesh meeting bone, and begin to unwind the entangled, frayed edges, honouring the layers of stories they have to share.

This is the delicious depths that I crave, day after day. Nothing else will satiate the hunger I have for meeting myself fully. It is a hunger I have tried to satisfy, with surface level work. And yet I know devotion so intimately, that anything other than this devotion to the depths, feels empty and hollow in comparison.

What would it feel like to meet yourself at the bones? To meet your own edges? What would it feel like to go to the depths? And just be there. Without needing to share it with others, or justify your journey.

A side note. I am writing this on the New Moon in Pisces. Which is all about the depth of emotions. So maybe this is why I am sharing this as the first piece. How much deeper are you willing to go? Are you skating on the surface? Or have you met yourself at the bones.

This is something I can see in peoples journeys really easily. I can feel if they have been going deep or staying on the surface. There is no judgement in that ever, it is simply awareness. So my invitation to you is to ask yourself honestly, I mean like really honestly, how deep have you been willing to go? Why would you be avoiding the depths? (the answer to this question is almost the same for everyone, but I want you to find it for yourself).

What would it take for you to truly, meet yourself at the bones?

Feel free to share your reflections in the comments below.

If you feel called to journey deeper into this energy, you may want to check out the shadow work course, Descent into Self, or book a session with me to help you connect with anything that is blocking your path. And if you are truly ready to meet yourself at the bones, you may feel called to journey with our Mystery School.

Sending you all so much love and divine blessings,


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