Mental Health Support


Mental Health Support is one of my main passions. Having experienced mental health issues myself in the past (and still some anxiety if I don’t manage it!), I wanted to be able to provide resources for people in different ways.

You don’t need a diagnosis to get support. Many people experience the symptoms of mental illness without getting a diagnosis.

I DON’T DIAGNOSE. I do symptom profiling to find where there may be imbalances and we work to correct the imbalance – in one on one consultations etc.

I offer a wide range of services for mental health support:

One-on-One Naturopathic consultations. This is the number one way people work with me. You can find out more here.

A Nourished Mind Facebook group – for general support and information. You can find the link here.

Courses – As these are available they will be released on my website and will be announced via social media.

Soul Inspired Coaching – this is for people who not only want to take control of their mental health, but take control of their life. It is a combination of life coaching, business coaching (if needed), nutritional support and soul coaching. Details will be coming soon.

Further Resources: If you need immediate help, please don’t wait. Please call Lifeline or visit your Doctor. I cannot provide individual treatment over the phone or email.

Lifeline: phone – 13 11 14,  website –

Beyond Blue:


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