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Cacao Musings this Full Moon


There have been many things weighing on my heart of late

Bypassing happening within the collective

A desecration of sacred practices and rituals

Everything becoming trending, and losing its reverence


As I sit with my afternoon Cacao

I ask myself… where have I been perpetuating this behaviour?

Is there anything I am bypassing?

Anything that I have lost reverence for?


I sit, and wait

Wait for the wisdom to come to me


And what I feel is even deeper than that

It is a deep inner cry

Of how far we have let this go on

Without speaking up against it


The energy of Hecate rises within me

And brings me back to my centre

Reminding me of my mission here


Yes, I trigger people

Yes, there are many who don’t care about the Sacredness of the plant medicines they use, the practices they sit with, the rituals and everything in between

But my mission is to guide people into the deeper sacredness, not sit idly by

While the reverence for our plant medicines

Our rituals

Become lost in a sea of social commentary


We are being called to return to the Temple

The inner place within

That knows the way

We are being called into a new awakening of the Goddess

And asked to heed the call

And honour the path that you are being guided on


This is why I sit in sacred ritual and reverence with my Ceremonial Cacao

To enter the Temple of the Heart within

And not simply use it as a coffee replacement, as a trendy way to journal, or anything else we have been told


The heart will show you her wisdom

Ixcacao will guide you where you need to go

There is no need to bypass

Or fear what is ahead


It is time to remember who you are

What you are here for

And follow the breadcrumbs for your souls highest path


And remember

The sacredness that you hold within you

And within your hands

And your cacao sits gently and warms them to the bones

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