New Moon Ceremony

Join me in this Sacred Space to embrace the energy of the New Moon!

I felt the download like a bolt of lightening. What this ceremony needed to be. And I knew I couldn't ignore it!

Join me for a beautiful New Moon Ceremony

Every month we hold a Dark Moon & Full Moon Ceremony, but this month, I was also guided to create a New Moon Ceremony, as I felt such a strong energy of what it wanted to be.

It may be a one off event, or I may decide to bring in more monthly New Moon ceremonies, but for now, I cannot wait to share this magical energy with you all.

8th May @ 10am ACST

(please check your time zone convertor for your time zone. All dates listed are in Adelaide, Australia time) 

Replay will be available if you can't join us live. 

(free for those in our Soul & Sovereign Tiers in Patreon)


Notepad and Pen, Water, Cacao if you feel called, and anything else to make you comfortable.

Please ensure you are online and ready to go 5 minutes before the session is due to start. If you are unsure of the time, please use time zone converter to find out your time zone.

I will leave the waiting room open for 5 minutes after starting time. After that, to protect the energy of the container, no one will be admitted into the live, however the replay will be available.

Any other questions, please feel free to email us at

What to expect from Ceremony...

Every Ceremony is fully channeled, and will be different each time.

Some things we may journey with:

Cacao (if you feel called)

Fire Burning Ceremony

The Goddesses





Oracle cards

Light Language Activations

And whatever else feels aligned on the day

Meet Courtney

My mission is to guide people home to their own inner embodiment, what I call Somadhi (inlightenment through the body, mind, soul and heart). It is to guide people into their deepest, darkest places, and call them home to their light. To allow people a safe container to come home to their true path, their true soul alignment.

These are all parts of the journey we must face and integrate. And my hope is that this sacred space serves as a guiding ray of light, calling you back home to your soul. Where the sacred being in all of us is nurtured. Where we are allowed to feel the fullest expression of the human experience. To feel a deeper spiritual connection to your inner and higher self, to the collective consciousness. To open your heart. And to reawaken your soul from its slumber.

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