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Opening to Deeper Pleasure through the Magic of Cacao

Opening to Deeper Pleasure through the magic of cacao

For years I felt out of alignment. I honestly didn’t even know what true alignment felt like, or what it was. I was disconnected from myself in so many ways, escaping the disconnect I felt through work and chaos.

I had lost all connection to my tantric roots. I had lost all connection to my heart.

But it wasn’t until I reconnected back to the essence of my heart and back to my pleasure centre, that I event knew what I had been missing in my life.

I was heavily sitting in an unhealthy masculine energy. Lost. Depleted. Disconnected. Anxious. Frustrated. Overwhelmed and overworked.

And then one day, in the midst of my health crisis, I found my way to Cacao.

Cacao was my hearts saving grace. That and the 2 mentors I had at the time. A tantric mentor, and a soul mentor. And with their guidance and support, I rediscovered my connection back to my Divine Feminine essence.

I found my way home to my soul again. I found my hearts beat again.

In tantric philosophy, for women, we allow our yoni to fully open, when our heart is fully open. This creates the energetic connection to surrender into our internal pleasure source. Our life force energy.

Something I teach a lot, is how we connect to breath and pleasure to open our sex centre. This is the gateway for our pleasure, for all creation, for our vital life force energy, for womb wisdom. Tapping into this energy changes lives. It creates an energetic current that constantly fuels our inner fire.

When we also allow for deeper connection in our heart space, we open ourselves up to a new way of living.

When the heart centre and pleasure centre merge in the dance of energy, we awaken our true divine essence.

The gift of cacao allowed me a beautiful gift. It allowed me time and space to drop into my own heart space and connect deeply within. It allowed me to soften and surrender to my pleasure, to my yoni, to my sex centre, and reawaken the goddess within. It also gave me the ability to connect to my healthy masculine energy within, and find that inner union between my feminine and masculine. That beautiful dance of true existence.

By bringing Cacao into your life, you are not only bringing in a beautiful heart tonic, but you are also bringing in the gateway to your ultimate pleasure, and the life you truly desire.

Living from that place of deep sensuality and life giving pleasure, is like caressing the face of the divine everyday.

This is what Embody the Divine Feminine is all about. Reconnecting back to your heart, to deeply connect back to your pleasure centre, your life force, your true essence. To awaken you from your slumber. To bring you back home to your truth.

As we journey into the depths of the Embodied Feminine, we will delve into what it feels like to live with heart energy, tapping into beautiful tools for transformation. And surrender into the divinity of our pleasure centre. I will have a gorgeous selection of crystal pleasure wands and ​yoni eggs to show you, that might help you drop in deeper to your pleasure.

This event brings together all of the wisdom I have gained over the past 20 years, in a dance with the divine. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

If you are ready to journey home to your true essence, this is your invitation.


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