100% Bamboo Charcoal Discs


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100% Bamboo Charcoal discs, for use with our Ritual Incense.

These premium charcoal discs are free from toxic ingredients. Most charcoal discs contain toxic additives, to make them quick lighting. These discs may take more than 3 minutes to light by holding it over the flame of a candle with a pair of tongs (if charcoal is easy to light then it will contain a lighting agent like saltpetre or sulphur).

Charcoal Discs burn really hot. Please light using a pair of tongs, and place in a container that is heat safe (such as a Cauldron!). 

To use with your incense, simply place a pinch over the charcoal disc, and allow it to burn before adding the next pinch.

These are also incredible to use for burning our sustainably sourced Palo Santo, for a slow long lasting burn.

Chemical Free Charcoal (10 x 33mm tablets per roll)

100% Bamboo Charcoal - the safest to use. Guaranteed Potassium Nitrate FREE


Awaken The Divine Goddess Within.

You hold within you, everything you have ever needed to heal. Each of the products I have created are a gateway into that healing. To awaken the fullness of your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the unity that exists within the heart.

I hope that these products offer loving support on your journey.


A note on Packaging: all products come in bio-degradable or eco friendly packaging. The tubes are completely bio-degradable or compostable, as are the linings in the tubes. You can also use the tubes as a planter to grow some seeds and then plant straight in the ground or pot. The mailing bags are biodegradable/compostable as well. The tins are all reusable for so many projects!

The charcoal discs come in their own packaging, which we can't change at this stage.

We are continually looking for new ways to help reduce our environmental impact.



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