100% Organic Ceremonial Cacao Paste 600g


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600g Ceremonial Cacao -

Final Batch ~ Unconditional Love

(comes in a eco-bag)

Ingredients: 100% Peruvian Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Each order, you will receive your own personal oracle card, to help guide your journey.

Each batch is also blessed with a different collective intention. For example, some batches have been set with the intention of Devotion to Self, Lions Gate, Abundance of Lakshmi, Aphrodite As The Warrior etc. New batches are announced on social media.

Devani products have all been created to support your awakening to the Divine Within


Awaken The Divine Goddess Within.

You hold within you, everything you have ever needed to heal. Each of the products I have created are a gateway into that healing. To awaken the fullness of your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the unity that exists within the heart.

I hope that these products offer loving support on your journey.


A note on Packaging: all products come in bio-degradable or eco friendly packaging. The tubes are completely bio-degradable or compostable, as are the linings in the tubes. You can also use the tubes as a planter to grow some seeds and then plant straight in the ground or pot. The mailing bags are biodegradable/compostable as well.

We are continually looking for new ways to help reduce our environmental impact.


Cacao is known as a Superfood. It is high in antioxidants (higher than most foods), high in magnesium (which helps with muscle relaxation, which is why an enhanced feeling of relaxation occurs for most people) and is a vasodilator (which strengthens the heart and improves circulation).

It is also high in amino acids (such as tryptophan – my favourite) that help produce neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters can help boost our mood and bring about a euphoric state.

It increases nutrient availability to the brain, and as it is not heat treated or heavily produced, it maintains its vitamins, minerals and other healing compounds.

It not only helps us on a physical level, but also helps us connect to the spiritual qualities inside us and cacao.

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years for it’s heart opening, high vibration, divine, conscious connection. The Goddess Ixcacao comes as a guide, a teacher and a healer, a facilitator to work alongside you.

Allowing you a deeper connection to your heart space, connecting you to your true path, live in alignment and go deeper into your healing, if you are willing to follow the path there. It will open your heart, raise your vibrations and connect you to yourself and those around you. Inspiring others along the way to heal and live their best lives.

Ceremony is a way to connect with community, inspire and experience the journey with others. Ceremony also sets the space for the ritual of this divine plant medicine to journey with you.

 Together they work in harmony to expand your heart, connect to your soul and inspire creativity

Basic Recipe

26-52gm Cacao Paste

200ml Water

50ml Plant Milk (optional)

Pinch cayenne pepper

Pinch sea salt

Natural sweetener – honey, maple syrup, coconut syrup to taste (optional)

Spices or herbs to taste if desired


Add cacao (chopped) and water to pot and heat on the stove until melted. Add salt and cayenne pepper then add plant milk to get the desired consistency (optional). Add sweetener to taste (use as little as you can).

If adding spices, add when adding salt and cayenne.

You will know when it is ready! Trust your intuition.

Sip mindfully, allowing the energy to drop you into your heart.

You can also add to blender and blend until smooth.

Additional information

Ceremonial Cacao

200g bag, 350g tube, 600g bag, 1.2kg 2 x 600g bags


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