Blue Lotus Flowers 30g

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30gm Blue Lotus Flowers in an eco-bag.

Blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) is a sacred plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years.

It is known to be a mild psychoactive plant medicine.

It also known as blue Egyptian lotus, Blue Water Lily, Sacred Water Lotus and sacred blue lily. (look for the genus name Nymphaea caerulea when buying).

Traditionally, this plant has been used as a natural sleep aid, aphrodisiac, mild anxiety reliever and so much more.

It has also been shown to help support the digestive system, inflammation, hair & skin tonic, and for promoting healthy menstrual cycle.

There are so many known benefits of this beautiful plant. And we are just getting started with understanding her true magical frequency.

Blue Lotus Flower contains two psychoactive compounds:

Apomorphine & Nuciferine

Apomorphine reacts with chemicals in your body to stimulate the production of dopamine. Dopamine is one of our happiness hormones. Nuciferine helps to induce a state of calm within the mind and body. It can leave you feeling a little euphoric.

It is also high in Antioxidants

Preparation for Tea: Add 1-2 flowers to 250ml hot water. Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. You can resteep the flowers up to 3 times. I also personally like to steep an infusion overnight, for maximum benefits.

You can also use to infuse your own oils, tinctures, cacao and so much more.

100% Organic Loose Blue Lotus Flowers. These are whole, open flowers.

Please use caution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Devani products have all been created to support your awakening to the Divine Within


Awaken The Divine Goddess Within.

You hold within you, everything you have ever needed to heal. Each of the products I have created are a gateway into that healing. To awaken the fullness of your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the unity that exists within the heart.

I hope that these products offer loving support on your journey.


A note on Packaging: all products come in bio-degradable or eco friendly packaging. The tubes are completely bio-degradable or compostable, as are the linings in the tubes. You can also use the tubes as a planter to grow some seeds and then plant straight in the ground or pot. The mailing bags are biodegradable/compostable as well.

We are continually looking for new ways to help reduce our environmental impact.


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