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Cacao Facilitator Training


If you are feeling the call to journey into your heart

To work with Mother Cacao

To awaken to deeper knowing

To hold ceremony for others

I am here to guide you…

I felt the call as I sat in ceremony, that it was time for me to run my Cacao Facilitator Training. I received the ok from Ixcacao and my Cacao mentor, and I knew I was ready to step into this role.

This is not a commitment I take lightly. To be the torch bearer for those who are ready to be deeply initiated into her energy.

This is not a workshop

This is not something you can study

This is something you need to embody

To become one with the spirit of Cacao

It is a full immersion into the energy of Cacao

Into the essence of Ixcacao

A journey into the depths of your heart


This training is going to be the most intensive, comprehensive and loving training for those who wish to facilitate Cacao Ceremonies, either in groups or 1:1

It will be a deep dive into the essence of yourself and cacao

And feeling the dance come to life within your veins

As she sings her songs to you

As she calls you home

This beautiful plant medicine can change your entire life

It changed mine

This will not only give you the tools, knowledge and vibrational connection to hold space with Mama Cacao, but it will also completely change your life.

Cacao is the giver of a sacred gift…The gift of an open, loving, clearer heart.

This offering is limited to a small group, as I feel called to journey deeply with those brave souls, who are ready to fully commit to themselves. This work requires a deep devotion from me, and I am honoured to be able to guide you on this journey.


What to expect from a Cacao Ceremony:

Everyone's experience will be different. It is about allowing yourself the space to just be present and have the experience unfold for you. It is about surrendering to the process, and allowing your heart to open.Everyone is different… but here is what some people experience:

A deep sense of calm, joy and peace

A sense of ecstatic energy (I personally have felt this many times!)

A shift in your energy centres

Feelings of contentment

Connection to self

Connection to ‘source’

Deep emotional/soul healing

Deep relaxation

When: Beginning Sunday January 24th. Home work/practice will also be required. Fortnightly live sessions (24th Jan, 7th Feb, 21st Feb, 7th March, 21st March, 4th April - we may choose another date instead of the 4th april, due to easter)

Time: 10am - 12pm each session (adelaide time)

Investment: $799

Where: Online (in the COURSE MEMBERS AREA and via Zoom) - sessions will be recorded, but attending LIVE will be the most beneficial

How the course will run:

This training will run over 3 months, and consist of 6 online group ceremonies/gatherings, where we will sit with Cacao, and journey into the history and energies around holding space, goddesses, and so much more. The journey allows for personal time to connect with and journey with Cacao. It will be the equivalent of 100 hours of training, and you will receive a certificate at the end of the journey. Only those who complete the training will receive a certificate. You will be asked to hold ceremony at the end of this journey, to feel comfortable in holding space for others.

You will receive:

An immersive workbook

An online community to connect with

And the incredible online Zoom Ceremonies/Gatherings

You will need to have Cacao for this journey, and can be purchased under Cacao in the shop. You may also like things for your altar, such as crystals, candles and cleansing herbs etc.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

About Courtney Wohling

I have been given a mission. A Souls Calling. To help bring people back to their homes, their soul.

For many years I had been wandering aimlessly. Detached from my soul, without even knowing it. So disconnected from myself, that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

As we grow older, many of us move further and further away from our true alignment, our souls calling on this earth, and we can’t even see it happening.

For many of us, it takes a life-threatening moment to wake us up. I had spent many years doing ‘healing’ and ‘spiritual’ work, but none of it brought me back to the real me. It wasn’t until my health scare that my healing became my number one priority, and it changed my life forever.

My healing led me to Cacao Ceremony training. It led me back to my Tantra teachings. It led me back to my intuitive gifts. And to an awakening.

My mission, my souls calling, my purpose all became clear.


(for my full bio, see my about page)

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Wed 25th March, Wed 1st Apr, Wed 8th Apr, Wed 15th Apr, Wed 22nd Apr, Wed 29th Apr


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