Cleanse & Ground Ritual Incense 30g


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Cleanse & Ground Ritual Incense

30gm Incense. Comes in a bio-eco bag.

This is a Special Blend I created for my own personal Ritual work, and as I was preparing to pack up all of my Devani Products, I was called to release this as a Limited Edition product. 

Using a special blend of my Favourite smudging products and a blend of special essential oils.

I originally released ALCHEMY RITUAL INCENSE, which was a blend of Copal, Frankincense, Palo Santo & essential oils.

This new blend brings in a slightly more Earthy Energy.

Every ingredient chosen for the highest divine frequency, connection, magical infusion.

Use this incense to set your intentions, clear your auric field or space, in rituals & magic, to set your meditation space and prepare for the highest guidance.

Organic and Wild Harvested Ingredients. Each ingredient has been specifically chosen for it's healing/energetic/vibrational essence, and each ingredient is sustainably sourced.

Ingredients: Copal Resin, Frankincense Resin, Australian Sandalwood Chips, Cedarwood Powder, Palo Santo Essential Oil & Proprietary blend of Essential Oils.

To burn your incense, simply light a charcoal disc and place a pinch on the charcoal. Allow each pinch to burn before adding the next pinch. Check out the video on how to use Ritual Incense for more in depth uses. I love using it to seal in my fire burning rituals!


Awaken The Divine Goddess Within.

You hold within you, everything you have ever needed to heal. Each of the products I have created are a gateway into that healing. To awaken the fullness of your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and the unity that exists within the heart.

I hope that these products offer loving support on your journey.




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