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Embracing The Shadows

6 week Online Program

If you have been feeling the call to journey deeper into your shadow work, while being guided and supported with an immense amount of love and light, this is your invitation to go on a deeply transformative process

To be able to enter the healing field with fierce love and grace

To be able to support people fully, and withstand the intense energy exchange required to achieve the lifechanging results

To be able to detach from any of my own ego, my own shadows, and be a present source of awareness and light

This is the journey of doing the deeper shadow work

This is not a journey for surface level work

This will require a desire to immerse yourself in your inner growth like never before

It will be beautifully triggering, but equally transformative

My mantra is always: you can only ever go as high (light/consciousness) as you are willing to go deep (shadows/dark/underworld)

Each persons journey will be different

However the essence is the same


I designed this 6 week online program in the same energy as I designed my Intensive Mentorship

It contains 6 weekly live sessions, weekly homework (video and pdf content) and access to me during the 6 weeks, via a private Facebook group

Each week we will focus on different layers of shadow work, and journey deeper into ourselves

We will work on Opening to the Shadows (week 1) and understanding what our shadows truly are

We will journey into the core wounds and our core beliefs, our pain bodies and traumas and the path to integration

You will be invited to witness yourself fully, and learn how to integrate, so you can deeply embody all of who you are

We will work on resetting your nervous system, so you are able to fully surrender into your shadow work, in a space of safety

We will work on embodiment and releasing practices to allow your body to release supressed emotional debris

This is for anyone who is ready to embrace themselves fully

Shadow work has been one of the most pivotal things I have done on my journey (and continue to work on daily), and I know that this is calling out to the souls who are ready

Plus I have made it the most affordable course I have ever run, as I know how important this work is!

Much love

Courtney x

When: Wednesdays 20th Jan 2021, 27th Jan, 3rd Feb, 10th Feb, 17th Feb, 24th Feb

Time: 7-8.30pm (adelaide time)

Investment: $149

Where: Online. Live sessions will be run via Zoom and there will be a private facebook group for extra content. All sessions will be recorded, if you can't make them live.


Notepad and Pen, an open mind

About Courtney Wohling

I have been given a mission. A Souls Calling. To help bring people back to their homes, their soul.

For many years I had been wandering aimlessly. Detached from my soul, without even knowing it. So disconnected from myself, that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

As we grow older, many of us move further and further away from our true alignment, our souls calling on this earth, and we can’t even see it happening.

For many of us, it takes a life-threatening moment to wake us up. I had spent many years doing ‘healing’ and ‘spiritual’ work, but none of it brought me back to the real me. It wasn’t until my health scare that my healing became my number one priority, and it changed my life forever.

My healing led me to Cacao Ceremony training. It led me back to my Tantra teachings. It led me back to my intuitive gifts. And to an awakening.

My mission, my souls calling, my purpose all became clear.


(for my full bio, see my about page)

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