Intuitive Reading: Soul Purpose/Business Guidance: 15min Quick Check In



The 15-minute Soul Purpose reading is similar to the 30-minute reading; however, I advise that you do a 30-minute reading initially to get a really strong overall message. The 15-minute reading is a great option to check in when you feel the desire (monthly, quarterly etc) to give you further guidance or clarity.

Possible outline for a Soul Purpose/Business 15minute reading:

Check in of the overall energy

Any current blocks or challenges

Any guidance that you may need at this time

Guidance in relation to any specific question/intention you have.



Once you have placed your order, please send an email to with the following information:

Your Full Name

Date of Birth

Photo of yourself (with eyes visible)

And your specific question or intention. If you don’t have one, please just say general reading.


Each reading may ask for a few bits of additional information – please check them out before ordering.

The quicker I get this information, the sooner I can do your reading.



These are not actually essential but help to get a clear picture of where you are and what you may need to focus on.

Your business type (not the name), if you have one

Your souls’ purpose, if you know it

If you are currently self-employed or employed by someone else

Again, not essential. I will channel the message that needs to come through without it, sometimes having this just makes the clarifying quicker, so we can gather even more insight


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