Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Opening The Heart: Tues 22nd Oct: Kimba


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Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Opening the Heart

The focus is on: Expanding into our Heart Chakra

Immerse yourself in the healing powers of Sacred Cacao.
Allow the healing, heart opening properties of Cacao to take you deep into your heart space, connecting to your inner self.
Meditation, sound, breathwork and Cacao Ceremony, will allow you to connect to your true self.
Its energy has the ability to bring about the union of body, mind and soul.
It opens the door to the heart and allows us to see inside. As well as opening us to greater levels of consciousness.

What you might expect from a Cacao Ceremony:

Everyone is different… but here is what some people experience:
A deep sense of calm, joy and peace
A sense of ecstatic energy (I personally have felt this many times!)
A shift in your energy centres
Feelings of contentment
Connection to self
Connection to ‘source’
Deep emotional/soul healing
Deep relaxation
Contact Courtney for more information

WHEN: Tuesday 22nd October

TIME: 7-8.30pm

WHERE: Kimba (location TBA)


Please bring water, a cushion, yoga mat, pen and paper, and a blanket if you would like one.


Refund Policy: Due to the preparation involved in the ceremonies, no refunds will be issued for last minute cancellations or no shows. 7 days notice is required to cancel your booking and receive a refund.


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