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Sacred Feminine Rising

Are you ready to embrace your inner Goddess?

Are you ready to live in full acceptance of your Shakti energy?

This is an invitation to drop deeper into yourself, to awaken the Goddess within. To unlock the codes you hold within. To embody your divine feminine essence.

Are you ready to be fully awakened?

To learn to embody the Dark within, and allow that passion to fuel your life.

To feel into the fullness of your Light, and watch it transform you.

In this 6 week online immersion, we will journey with the Sacred Feminine. We will dance between the light and dark. Feeling into the polarities, and how they allow us to find inner peace, balance, love, compassion, as well as creativity, our divine sexual and sensual energy, our inner power.

This immersive journey will help bring you into a state of balance, and awaken your true Sacred Feminine.

I love existing in my Dark Feminine. It’s what fuels me. But I have been able to dance there with more grace and love, because of my Light Feminine. This is not about good and evil, light and shadows. It is about Consciousness and Matter. Spirit and Body. And dancing within the energy of both.

The Dark Feminine is playful. She is creative. She is sexual and sensual. She is embodied. She is passionate. She is the divine essence of pleasure. She is driven by her soul mission/soul purpose. She is the Wild Woman and the Warrior. The Creatrix and the Medicine Woman. And she lives in all of us. She is the embodied archetype of the feminine polarity.

The Light Feminine is nurturing. She is caring and mothering. She is soft and vulnerable. She is the compassionate heart and loving kindness. She is the Mother and the Mystic. She is the Priestess. And she is ready to meet you with her fullness.

We will work with goddesses, archetypes, embodiment practices, guidance, support and a whole lot more, that will change your entire life.

Do you have shame, guilt, repressed emotions that are keeping you blocked?

Do you want more passion and pleasure in your life?

Do you want more play, joy, creativity and purpose?

Do you want to be more compassionate and loving?

Do you want to find more flow and fluidity in your life?

This is about reclaiming the Sacred Feminine Essence in all its glory! The light and the dark, the softness and the power.

We will dive into the SHADOWS of the Light and Dark Feminine, and learn to integrate and embody them.


* Embodiment practices

* Cultivate a deeper pleasure for yourself and your life

* Awaken your shakti energy and learn how to circulate it

* Feel the flow of the sensual dancer, and allow her to awaken your further. We will dance within the Archetypes and see how they can bring us to life in different ways

* Shadow Work for the Feminine

* Learn about the polarities that exist within us all, and how to call in what you need

* Workbook to help journey with the Sacred Feminine

* A Fire Burning Ceremony to allow all that no longer exists as truth for you to be burnt away, so you can rise.

And so much more...

When: Tuesdays... 27th Oct, 3rd Nov, 10th Nov, 17th Nov, 24th Nov, 1st Dec

Time: 7pm-8.30pm ish! Sessions are known to run a little late with me! (adelaide time)

Investment: $249 (early bird price $149 until 11th October)

Where: Online. Sessions will be run via Zoom. A Private Group will also be held for this Sacred Container.


Notepad and Pen. Feel free to make a Cacao for the event 🙂

The workbook will be sent out before the journey begins.

An open mind xx

About Courtney Wohling

I have been given a mission. A Souls Calling. To help bring people back to their homes, their soul.

For many years I had been wandering aimlessly. Detached from my soul, without even knowing it. So disconnected from myself, that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

As we grow older, many of us move further and further away from our true alignment, our souls calling on this earth, and we can’t even see it happening.

For many of us, it takes a life-threatening moment to wake us up. I had spent many years doing ‘healing’ and ‘spiritual’ work, but none of it brought me back to the real me. It wasn’t until my health scare that my healing became my number one priority, and it changed my life forever.

My healing led me to Cacao Ceremony training. It led me back to my Tantra teachings. It led me back to my intuitive gifts. And to an awakening.

My mission, my souls calling, my purpose all became clear.


(for my full bio, see my about page)


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