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Sometimes the noise inside our minds is so loud, we cannot hear the Souls Whispers.

Sometimes our Higher Self is trying to get a message through and we simply aren’t listening

The Soul Guidance Readings are designed to help give you clarity in any area of your life, or to allow the flow of the energy to guide you wherever it is asking you to go

I am a conduit for love, a conduit for connection to source, and by opening this channel we are allowing the energy to flow for the Highest Good

Are you ready to receive your Highest Guidance?

Possible outline of a Soul Guidance reading:

What is for your highest guidance

What blocks you might be facing

What do you need to let go of

What are you ready to call in

And whatever else comes through, based on the energies and your questions/intention for the reading.


Once you have placed your order, please send an email to with the following information:

Your Full Name

Date of Birth

Photo of yourself (with eyes visible)

And your specific question or intention. If you don’t have one, please just say general reading.

Videos will be sent within 7 days of this email being sent


Please book in via the Calender App HERE

Please make a note in the comments section, what type of reading you are interested in

I will call you via Zoom at the booked time

All Sessions (excluding the Quickie) can be done LIVE via ZOOM or as a pre-recorded video.

Book Live Sessions here

Or purchase the pre-recorded reading of your choice in the product details

The Quickie can be done as a pre-recorded video or as an email.

Additional information


30min pre-recorded, 60min pre-recorded, Live Call


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