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Welcome Divine Soul,

This Reading is focused specifically on those who feel connected to a Twin Flame/Twin Soul Relationship/Dynamic.

There is a Love & Relationship reading that is more generalised for all connections and calling in Divine Love.

Whereas this reading is focused for those who are ALREADY in a Twin Soul Connection - whether you are in separation, communication or connection.

This reading is designed to focus on what may be blocking your connection, what shadows may be present, and how you can move forward on your own path, while working through the blocks that are preventing divine union.

If you are currently in a Twin Flame or Soul Connection relationship, or are in some kind of separation, these readings will help you gain clarity and insight into the lessons, the purpose, the dynamic of the relationship.?

These readings are designed to look at the Divine Relationship we have with self and another, and what your Higher Self wants you to know.

If you are craving a deeper level of intimacy, a truly sacred soul connection, or a new love…or if you are in a TF separation and seeking understanding of the challenges you are facing, these sessions are the perfect guide...

(I will never confirm whether someone is your twin flame. This is something that you need to eventually understand yourself, as it is part of the journey)

Possible outline of a Love & Relationship reading:

What is love wanting you to know right now?

Overall energy from both parties

Where the Divine Masculine is at in his Heart, Head, Soul and Physical space

Where the Divine Feminine is at in her Heart, Head, Soul and Physical space

Possible blocks from either party

Possible guidance for either party

Possible future energy for the connection (knowing that everyone has free will, and things can always change)

(Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – these can be either male or female, it is just about energy, not gender. Please see it as a guide for the energy, and take it as it resonates for your situation)

There are some specific themes & questions we cover in these readings, with some space for any other energy & messages that want to come through.

This session can be purchased as either a VIDEO or AUDIO Reading. If you choose AUDIO, you will receive an email with an MP3 audio file and image of your cards. If your choose VIDEO, your recording will be sent via an unlisted Youtube link to the email address you used to place your order. (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A LIVE SESSION). 15min sessions offer a quick check in, while the 30min sessions offer deeper insight.

Intuitive Readings and Guidance Sessions are a great way to get clarity and guidance on areas of your life where you may be feeling stuck or needing direction. They are also used to tune into any Higher Consciousness messages that you may need to receive.

I use a combination of Channeling, Oracle & Tarot Cards, Intuitive Gifts and anything else I am drawn to work with during a session.

When you send through your questions, please be as specific as you can, and be deeply honest with what you are truly seeking guidance on. If you aren't sure, you can always just say a general reading, and we will tune into whatever is for your highest and best good. Please also keep the questions short and succinct (no essays please!). If you feel like you want to share more about your story, I would suggest a live 1:1 session.

THIS IS NOT A COUNCELLING SESSION. It is a Tarot/Oracle Reading.


If you have any specific questions or intentions, please add them to the notes when ordering, or send an email to within 24hrs of placing your order, otherwise I will do it as a general reading.

Please specify if this is a current relationship, or if you are seeking guidance on love coming in. The more information the better.

Emails will be sent within 7 days. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!!

For legal purposes, please note: This reading is for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing this reading, you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18. I take no responsibility for your actions following your reading. I am also not responsible for any outcomes that you feel manifested from the reading.

What is the return policy?

All purchases are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE.

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15min Video, 15min Audio, Email Reading, 30min Video, 30min Audio


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