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If you are currently in a Twin Flame or Soul Connection relationship, or are in some kind of separation, these readings will help you gain clarity and insight into the lessons, the purpose, the dynamic of the relationship.

Are you seeking a deeper level of connection?

Are you longing to reconnect with your TF?

Are you wanting to call in your Soul Connection?

These readings are designed to look at the Divine Relationship we have with self and another, and what your Higher Self wants you to know.

If you are craving a deeper level of intimacy, a truly sacred soul connection, or a new love…or if you are in a TF separation and seeking understanding of the challenges you are facing, these sessions are the perfect guide

These readings can be for anyone you have had an INTIMATE relationship with at some stage. You may identify it as a Soul Connection, Twin Flame Connection, the label doesn’t matter.

You may be in a relationship with this person and looking for guidance, or question around a situation.

You may be in separation (common in Soul Connection/Twin Flame relationships) and seeking guidance around that.

The only thing I stress, is that you need to have had or be in an intimate relationship with this person.

Possible outline of a Soul Connection reading:

Overall energy from both parties

Where the Divine Masculine is at in his Heart, Head, Soul and Physical space

Where the Divine Feminine is at in her Heart, Head, Soul and Physical space

Possible blocks from either party

Possible guidance for either party

Possible future energy for the connection (knowing that everyone has free will, and things can always change)

(Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – these can be either male or female, it is just about energy, not gender. Please see it as a guide for the energy, and take it as it resonates for your situation)


Once you have placed your order, please send an email to with the following information:

Your Full Name

Date of Birth

Photo of yourself (with eyes visible)

And your specific question or intention. If you don’t have one, please just say general reading.

Videos will be sent within 7 days of this email being sent


In addition to your main details

Please also send through the other persons full name, date of birth (if possible), and a brief description of your relationship.

Also send through a question or intention if you have one.


Please book in via the Calender App HERE

Please make a note in the comments section, what type of reading you are interested in

I will call you via Zoom at the booked time

All Sessions (excluding the Quickie) can be done LIVE via ZOOM or as a pre-recorded video.

Book Live Sessions here

Or purchase the pre-recorded reading of your choice in the product details

The Quickie can be done as a pre-recorded video or as an email.

Additional information


30min pre-recorded, 60min pre-recorded, Live Call


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