Dark Feminine Rising

Welcome to Dark Feminine Rising

A monthly portal into the Dark Feminine Mysteries

A place to connect with the Dark Feminine within, to awaken the Dark Goddesses, to activate your full Sensual, Sexual, Creative, Powerful, Playful nature

A space to feel safe, supported and held, as you descend into the Dark Feminine Mysteries

Each month you will receive Transmissions around the Dark Feminine, Dark Goddesses, Sensuality, Sexuality, Embodiment practices and so much more

Each month will allow you to expand on the energies we have been working with

We will look at Sacred Wounds and the impact on the Feminine

We will awaken to the depths of the Dark Feminine, the Wild Woman, the Warrior, the Priestess

There are no lock in contracts. It is a space where you can join for a month, or join for a year, it is completely up to you

The content will vary from pre-recorded transmissions, live trainings, facebook group content, embodiment practices and more

This is the Embodiment of all the work I have done over the past 20 years

This is the essence I was born to teach in, and I am so excited to create a container where you are held in love to explore these teachings

Come and explore the Dark Feminine Mysteries with me, and allow your energy to awaken and RISE

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