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    A Note on Love

    A Note on LoveI have read the words of the mystics, sages, poets, playwrights and beat writers. I have heard the words sing their melodies in my ears, resonating deep in my soul. I have consumed the letters, the sounds, the sensations. I have felt…

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    Let the shattering begin

    LET THE SHATTERING BEGIN// Two phrases my soul spoke to me, changed my life: ‘what if I am fundamentally unlovable’ ‘let the shattering begin’ Both of these phrases came from the deep recesses of my soul at a time when I was ready to surrender.…

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    Healing through Forgiveness

    FORGIVENESS// One of the greatest things that has helped me on my journey is forgiveness. Not just for the people who have ‘hurt’ me, but also for myself. Forgiveness is not about condoning bad behaviour, but about allowing yourself to be free from a situation…

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    What if i am fundamentally, unlovable?

    Huge thing to say, I know. In my previous post I talk about getting to the ache within the ache. Dropping down into the physical pain to uncover whatever you are holding onto. And for most people, this is completely in their subconscious. As someone…


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