“After only one appointment with Courtney, I was able to rediscover the energy I had been missing for many years. Courtney was amazing at putting together my symptoms of adrenal fatigue and anxiety and prescribing relevant supplements to help me. She is a great listener and put her vast knowledge towards helping me feel so much better.  I highly recommend Courtney to anyone struggling with their health.” Jan, Adelaide

“It’s taken me over a decade of living with major depression to try a natural approach rather than a pharmaceutical. I can’t thank Courtney enough for helping me get on top of my depression. I’ve never felt this good or been on so few medications. Finally getting my life back.” Sarah, Adelaide

“I was very impressed with Courtney’s compassion and understanding. She listened to my thoughts and concerns, and didn’t just treat me based on my chart and symptoms. She works ‘with’ you.” Angela, Melbourne

“I genuinely lost 16kgs following Courtney’s diet plan and drinking her Accelerate tea. She even helped me through a particularly stressful trip to the grocery store when I was having a panic attack about what foods I did and didn’t need. She definitely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond. Thanks again Courtney.” Sheree

“I have been visiting Courtney for massage and naturopath consultations for years now. Her treatments have really helped my neck tension, back alignment and stress and I feel like I am functioning on a much better level as a result.  At each massage appointment Courtney assesses my condition and uses different techniques based on my needs at the time. I feel this is one of the key benefits of her treatments and they have become an essential part of my wellbeing management.” Susan, Adelaide


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