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The Dark Moon, The Void

Many people find the liminal space, the void, the chrysalis phase, a challenging time.

I personally love it. To me this is the most potent energy of the month, where the old can be stripped away, where you can restructure yourself from the inside out, and you can prepare yourself for what’s to come.

I love journeying into the energy of the Dark Moon, and setting a personal intention for a deeper initiation into what it is I need to work on during this time.

It is a time for deepening stillness and introspection. For meditation and clearing.

For me, this is the space where we can meet ourselves fully, before journeying into a new cycle with the New Moon. Embracing all parts of the self, and integrating what is ready.

It can feel like you are tumbling into the Void, without any awareness of what is going on. And yet, in the Void, all light can be illuminated. How do we see the stars in the dark…?

The darker it is, the more can be illuminated.

Similar to how we look at shadow work… the deeper into the shadows you descend, the higher you can ascend into your light.

I love the Dark Moon, because it is the gateway into the unseen, the unknown. It is the pause between what was and what will be.

If I could only work with one moon phase each month, it would be the Dark Moon. More is healed here, heard here, seen here, witnessed here, than any other phase of the moon (my personal opinion).

Hecate also guides us at the dark moon, if you feel connected to her energy. She helps illuminate the crossroads, so you know where you are going when the new moon arises.

So much can be witnessed here. So much can be moved here.

This, and many other reasons, is why I love the Dark Moon.

Each month I hold a Dark Moon Ceremony, to enter the Void, and journey into the spaces within. This is not about the external world, this is all about your internal world.

We have a ceremony this Monday, for those who feel called to join. Replay is always available.

If you are wanting to meet yourself more fully, journey with me into the Void, and meet the essence of the Dark Moon. Join here.

Courtney ✨🌔

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