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The Soul does not negotiate. PERIOD.

When the Soul says Yes, say YES. But what does that truly mean?

As I was journaling into it this morning and going through this really beautiful kind of insight and I got this incredible download.

The Soul doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists. And our mind is an inner terrorist, trying to keep us hostage.

With all the limiting beliefs, fears, resistance, doubts and so much more, the mind tries to keep us hostage, seemingly for our own protection.

And you can either meet the mind where it is, or meet the soul where it is, and face the hostage situation, knowing you have the tools to defend yourself.

The image that came through with this was around being in a karate dojo, and working with your Sensi. Your Sensi is your soul, and you are learning your initial self-defense techniques.

At first it isn’t easy, you get taken down to the mat more times than you remain standing. But the more you do the inner work, the easier it becomes.

And then you learn your offensive techniques. The meditation, the mind-set work, the heart and soul connection to hear that inner voice.

The more you work the muscles, the easier it becomes.

What we do as humans more often than not though is, we say no to the inner soul voice and follow the mind. We go down the path that was never meant for us, with all the twists and turns.

And the imagery that came through with this was – the soul sitting in a movie theatre with a bucket of popcorn watching this story play out.

Leaning over to the other souls watching their respective humans saying, ‘oh my god, did you see that! Haha silly human’.

They are watching out this movie, knowing that the plot twist is coming and you will eventually get back to the point they were trying to show you, eventually.

But in the mix is some comedy, some drama, an epic fight scene, and everything in between.

And the soul is just sitting back enjoying the show, waiting for the third act when things finally feel like they are falling into place.

…First, you need to identify the voice of your soul vs the voice of the mind, and then you begin to listen with deeper intention of saying yes.

Every time you do this, it gets easier.

You will meet resistance. You will meet fear. You will meet doubt. But each time, you will be able to use the tools you have learnt to move beyond the limitations of the mind.

Is the journey easy? Is meeting your soul yes, and stepping all the way in easy? F*#k no! But we have no choice, if we want to live the life our soul is directing us toward.

Every day I sit at my computer to write, I meet fear, doubt and resistance. Every time I sit at my notebook to plan out a program or course, I meet my inner critic, my limited thinking. And I ask it to show me what I need to see, and then I move on.

When I have worked with people in my soul-biz programs, I hear the same thing over and over again… It is so easy for you. You’ve been doing it longer. I make doing a live look so easy.

And yet… it has been anything but! I have met EVERY. SINGLE. NEGATIVE. INNER. TERROIST/GOBLIN/CRITIC…. DAILY. And I still choose to step into the energy of my Soul Yes. Because, once you start listening to the soul yes, there is no going back.

But it is a muscle that needs to be worked.

It is a desire to meet yourself fully.

It is a knowing that on the other side of everything I am witnessing coming up in front of me, is everything that I actually desire.

It is meeting yourself with so much compassion and grace, every single day, trusting that it gets easier to navigate these moments. Because it does.

I was listening to an interview the other day with someone I deeply respect and admire, Steven Pressfield, an incredible writer, and mentor for writers. He has been a writer for 30+ years, and he said that he still faces the inner critic and the voice of resistance, but he writes anyway. Without judgement. Because he knows it’s his souls inner calling for him to do it.

I have been a soulpreneur for over 20 years, and I still meet the voice of fear and resistance. Some days it gets a hold on me, and I have to just let it show itself fully. Other days I meet it, say hello and then move on.

There is no point in time where I believe we will ever fully leave the inner terrorist of the mind behind, because the mind is an incredibly valuable friend as well. And we need it.

It simply gets easier to hear the voice of mind vs soul, and defend the inner attacks.

No matter what your soul is saying yes to, are you willing to meet it fully?

If you truly desire something in your life, are you willing to be shown the path from soul?

This is my invitation to you. To meet yourself fully. And say yes to soul! Always. Period. No negotiation.


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This is our time to fully say YES to SOUL! Whatever that looks like for you.

Much love divine souls,


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