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Weekly Energy Update: Monday 10th October 2022

Phew this week feels like an intense one!

So many shifts have been taking place over the past couple months, and we are beginning to see what that means within our own lives.

This week we have the Full Moon in Aries, which is bringing in a fiery new beginning.

It is time to burn through anything that is no longer serving once and for all! You can do a fire burning ceremony, if you feel called. Or call in the goddess Kali Ma to help you clear through any stagnant energy or cords/attachments that are ready to be released.

You can find my Sacred Flame of Kali activation here on Youtube, or go deeper with our 30 days of Kali here.

There is a huge ascension energy going on right now, with the energy of the World showing up in many personal readings! The guidance here is to stay open to what’s next. The path ahead may feel uncertain, but there is always guidance coming through if you are willing to open yourself up to receive the messages.

It is time to take flight, so you can see everything from a higher perspective. This is a time to get a clearer picture of what you want, what you need to change, and any possible blocks you are facing, so you can move forward with purpose and clarity.

Just because not everything is certain, doesn’t mean you have to go into things blindly. Ask for the next best step to be shown to you, and allow yourself to trust in the guidance.

Get focused on your dreams, and begin to spend time each day visualising exactly what you want to manifest, and how you want to feel. So that when the time is right, you will know the action that needs to be taken.

Everything that is taking place right now is preparing you for the next phase of your journey. There is nothing to fear here, even if it feels like your whole world is collapsing around you (hello dark night of the soul! If you need support with that, feel free to reach out).

This is also a time to re-evaluate your relationships. All relationships, including family, friends, work, intimate. Do they feel aligned? Are they balanced? Is there an energy of reciprocity?

If not, how can you change this dynamic? Relationships are meant to be nourishing (even if they may be triggering at times). And balance is being called in now more than ever.

You are also guided to look at the boundaries you have within your relationships. Are they stable? Are they being enforced? If not, get clear on what your boundaries are and how to keep them in place, especially during a phase of ascension. 

You may feel like you are in a crossroads within your life. Like there are many options available to you right now (even if some of them don’t feel very good to you), but you are afraid of making the wrong choice.

Again you are called to try and see things from a higher perspective, and then trust your gut. Go with your instincts.

You can’t achieve the victory you are seeking if you keep pondering your choices! At some point, you will have to simply trust and then take action towards your dreams.

‘Nothing moves, if nothing moves!’

New ideas are landing right now! You may feel it as a nudge. You may see it in your minds eye. You may feel inspired after seeing something on social media.

Follow the pulse of what makes you feel alive, even if it doesn’t make sense! This is the new spark of fresh beginnings coming into the collective consciousness. It is time to claim what is yours!

If you want to receive some extra support during this transition, try out our Full Moon Energy Activation for a full reset!

Plus all readings can be booked here, which are a great way to see any blind spots you may have on your journey.

Much love and many blessings divine souls,


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