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Weekly Energy Update: Monday 14th November

Welcome divine souls to this weeks energy update.

Last week, there were so many energetic shifts taking place, that it felt like chaos erupting through the cosmos! But the beautiful thing about storms rolling in, is that they bring renewal.

We can feel the energy rattling through our creaky bones, moving, transmuting, transforming as it flows.

And with it brings a new sense of possibilities. A new sense of passion, and taking the leading role in our own lives.

Last week we had a beautiful full moon lunar eclipse (and boy oh boy was it beautiful… the blood moon was stunning to witness during the eclipse), and the 11:11 portal!

Old energy being eclipsed out, and new energy coming in. No longer holding any space within, for the old energy to reside.

Cutting all cords to the past, and freeing yourself from anything that has been holding you back.

These are the messages coming through, as we shift gears into this new phase.

Dissolving the long outworn fragments of the self is a process of becoming. Cracking through the shell that you have been walking in, and allowing more of your light to shine through.

As you drop the masks, the version of you that has felt safe to present to the world, a new version of you emerges.

If you are still struggling to let go of your old identity, that’s ok. There is no rush. There is no destination you need to get to. The journey will take you there, and there are many paths that can be taken.

But this is a journey. Not something we can skip ahead in, but simply have to follow the path one step at a time, trusting in where it is leading us.

We are also being guided to have patience. To have faith in the dreams that you have planted, and trusting in how the plan is being revealed to you.

If you aren’t yet clear on what it is you truly desire for this phase of your life, then it is time to get clear. And begin to take the steps needed to manifest this vision into your life.

We are in the 11:11 Manifestation and Ascension Portal for another 2 weeks, so make the most of it! You can work with your Ascension Chakras here. Do the inner work to truly begin to make the shifts desired in your life.

Trust your intuition! Allow it to guide you, even when it feels scary.

Over the coming weeks, you may notice a shift in the energy of the collective, and within your own life. While the Eclipse energy will be hanging around for approximately 6 months, we will begin to feel the energy start to smooth out and steady the nervous system.

Doing energy clearing is vital at this stage, to keep you in alignment with your own inner world, and less connected to the collective energy.

The more you can integrate the vibrational shifts that are taking place within you, the quicker you will move through this phase, and into a new season of your life.

For those who experienced a lot of physical disturbances these past few weeks, take time to nourish yourself, and get plenty of rest. We are about to come out of a collective inner Winter, and blossom into Spring.

It’s time!!

As I sit writing this, I am feeling into a place where this week, there is ‘nothing to do’. This isn’t a time for doing and taking action just yet. It is simply a time to be, integrate, dream big.

The message coming through is that, we are being given a collective rest week… we’ve earned it.

Some weeks, when I channel these energy updates, there is so much ‘inner work to do’. But this week feels different. It feels like a well deserved holiday is on the cards.

If that doesn’t feel like you and your situation, that’s ok… there is still a lot that is shifting right now. Allow everything the time it needs to balance out.

If you would like to work with me deeper on any of this, you can join me for mentoring here, or book a reading or energy healing session. Also, head over to the activations & meditations if you are wanting some tools to deepen your own personal practice.

And for those who are wanting to join us for the LIVE journey of Activating your Spiritual Gifts, this is the last chance to join. We begin on Wednesday, and will be the only time I teach it LIVE. After that a replay will be available :). So if you are wanting to get your questions answered, and journey with me in a live container, this is your invitation!

Much love and many blessings divine souls


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