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Weekly Energy Update: Monday 21st November

Welcome to a wonderful new week beautiful souls!

With the New Moon in Sagittarius this week, it is bringing with it a cosmic reset, a renewal. There has been so much heaviness in the air, with the eclipse season bringing with it a lot of purging and energetic clean up.

But now we are seeing new signs of hope on the horizon.

The past few months, there has been a very strong energy around bringing in harmony and balance, on all levels.

To do this, there have been many collective and individual tower moments, to clear out what was creating a disharmony within the field. And while there are still some remnants of debris still swirling around, overall, there has been an energetic shift taking place over the past 2 weeks.

For many it has been a major juggling act. The message coming through here, is that for many it has felt like trying to balance on a tightrope, with no safety net to catch you. But you can take a breath now, and take a leap of faith!

It is time to leave all regrets, all suffering, in the past. And embrace the future that you desire.

It is the perfect time to begin to seed the ideas of your future potential.

To ground in your desires. What you plant in this season will bear the fruit of your intentions. So make your intentions full of joy, abundance, love, growth, freedom and peace.

Let go of the past.

Surrender into the flow of the universe, and see where it guides you.

It is time to focus on your own inner mastery.

And the mastery of the gifts you are here to share with the world, whatever form that takes.

You are being guided to begin to take action on your dreams. Tread softly, take baby steps, if need be. Your dreams will take time to manifest, but they can only come to fruition with action.

Last week, there was a subtle pause. A delicate dance between breaths. But this week, you are being called into action! How are you going to manifest and co-create the life you desire?

What do you need to master, in order to bring it to life?

Follow your intuition. Trust your higher guidance. It is always trying to lead you to your souls highest good.

If you are struggling to see the path ahead, allow your focus to soften and move your gaze towards a higher perspective. Let go of how you think things should look, let go of all judgement, and see the bigger picture.

This week, there is also a strong guidance towards health.

Health of body, mind and soul. But specifically focusing on physical health. The energetics may have been shifting your physically over the past few months, and now it is time to recalibrate your physical body and focus on nourishing it fully.

Magic is also in the air this week!

During eclipses, it isn’t recommended to do any magical practices, or to set intentions, or do manifestation rituals. The energy is to unbalanced to truly anchor in the intentions and energy needed to magic to do its work.

But this week, the energy of the eclipse is clearing, so it is the perfect time to bring some magic into your practice (if it calls to you).

Set intentions. Do cord cutting rituals. Have fun with some candle magic. Script your dream life, and call in what you truly desire.

It is also the perfect time to cleanse any of your spiritual/magical tools, such as crystals, cards, etc. To reset the energy, and clear out anything that has been heavy and dense over the past few months.

And don’t forget to cleanse your space while you’re at it. A good ‘Spring Clean’ of the energy in your home and internal space.

Don’t forget to work with the beautiful Dark Moon energy this month, as it is creating a divine vortex of clearing, preparing for the New Moon to help you manifest your dream life.

This week gives you the opportunity embrace a new chapter in your life, and set your soul free.

How are you going to work with the energy this week?

What are you being guided to release?

What are you being guided to call in?


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