Weekly Energy Update: Monday 26th September 2022

Hello beautiful beings, of rainbows and stardust, with your unicorn kicks and fairy wing flicks… haha you all know how I roll these days. We need some levity in this journey!

Welcome to my first weekly energy update! My hope is to be able to bring you one of these channeled updates each week, where we touch on the current energetics, what themes are coming up, and anything else that is called to come through. This isn’t based solely on the astrological energy, but also the collective field. So, please don’t get bogged down in how it connects to the current astrological cycle, or anything else. This is just an energy transmission.

While I LOVE doing readings, and sharing them on YouTube… I also love writing. It is one of my greatest passions, and something that I have been guided to share more of. So I will be sharing both video and written format of energy updates, for those who feel aligned with either format. It also allows me more space to share, rather than the limits of social media. And I can share anything on here, without the fear of censorship… so you might just get a taste of the full version of me!

Writing these updates also gives me a chance to go deeper into some themes that are coming up, and simply allow the energy to take us where it needs to go.

Please only take what resonates and leave the rest. Not every energy update will be for you at this time.

Welcome divine souls to this weeks energy update, channeled guidance, musings from the cosmos…

Our lives are full of seasons and cycles. We know this with our whole being. And yet there is a lot of fear right now coming through, about surrendering to the latest season of your life.

Some dreams have fallen by the wayside, while others have remained dormant, awaiting the perfect environment to burst forth to life. No dream is ever truly lost. But it may have been hidden, buried, shielded for a long time.

This has been for your own good. There may have been things to learn, in order for these dreams to fully manifest in the highest possible alignment.

While the energy of the Libra New Moon has been guiding us to find inner balance and harmony in our lives, and many planets being in retrograde, calling us to go deeper within, there has also been a mass remembrance and surge of energy to reconnect back to old dreams.

But there is resistance here. Resistance to potential. Resistance to success. Resistance to failure. Resistance to letting go. Resistance to letting in.

While for many there may be a surge of energy coming forward, the invitation here is to go slow. Don’t rush into things that aren’t quite in alignment. Don’t rush into things, simply because you feel some energy moving.

By going slow, you can see the minute shifts needed in both your inner and outer world, to truly bring your dreams to life.

For those who are looking at their soul connections, love relationships, divine counterparts, the message here is “what emotional barriers do you still hold towards love?” If you cannot remove these barriers, how can you bring in the connection that you truly desire.

There is also a pattern of self-rejection playing out for many in the collective. You may be doing all the SELF LOVE work, but what are you still rejecting within yourself? Self-rejection will block higher vibrational love from coming into your life. It will also block new opportunities for growth within your soul purpose, as there is an undercurrent of limited self-worth coming through here. (we will be working on this in our upcoming group journey Radical Reclamation, for those who are feeling called to join)

There is a need for emotional stability here. To find the balance within your own emotional space, so that you can be a beacon of love for others.

The work here is around centering yourself, and finding a place of inner stillness as much as you can, to begin to understand what emotions are triggering you and how you need to balance them.

The other message coming through here is, have you stayed in limbo for too long? There is a difference between preservation and procrastination. Only you will know where you are at energetically. But if you are now finding yourself in a state of procrastination, for fear of moving forward, it is time to take action. Slow, soft action is all that is needed right now. It doesn’t have to be the most life changing action possible. In fact, that could put you further behind on your path.

Only take the action you feel alive in your soul right now. Feel into the softer whispers, and allow them to guide you.

If you are finding yourself at a crossroads in your life, call on Hecate to help illuminate the path that is the most aligned for you at this time. And allow yourself to be truly guided on this path.

There is a magnetic pull within the collective as well. A balance within polarities. Many of you have been waiting a long time for this, and there is a coming together here. It may not be exactly how you thought it would be, but there is a balancing act taking place within the polarities of energy, pulling counterparts together, bringing dreams into your field, showing you the potential of what can be made manifest, if you continue on the path you have been guided on.

The other message here is, there are no ‘shortcuts’, however the paradox is that there are shortcuts! When you focus on your own energy, when you clear your field, when you do the deeper shadow work, when you align to your soul… this is how we ‘speed up the process’.

Ensure you are taking care of yourself during this balancing cycle. Take care of your nervous system (you can find my personal nervous system energy healing session here). Take care of your energy, and ensure you are protecting yourself from energy vampires. Set strong boundaries.

The energy is balancing out, so you are prepared for the next cycle ahead!

If you want to get more guidance on what you need to focus on for your journey, book a session with me here.

Much love and infinite blessings beautiful souls,


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