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Weekly Energy Update: Monday 31st October


When I was first tuning into the energy and guidance for this week, this is what I heard. Prepare to be Amazed!

There are so many energetic shifts that are currently taking place, and many have been thrown into the uncomfortable space of the unknown.

But this is actually serving the highest possible purpose. To get you out of the known, and into the unknown, which is full of limitless potential.

Over the past few weeks we have felt the energy shifts beginning to really ramp up. And being in the middle of the current Eclipse season, there is a lot of pressure being felt, as we move through these upgrades.

There is nothing to fear here, is the message I am being guided to share. Even though it may feel daunting, unfamiliar, and filled with uncertainty, your soul knows the way.

Your job right now, is to continue to follow the inner guidance you are receiving. And if you aren’t in full alignment with your inner guidance system, then it is time to do the work here!

You inner guidance system is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal, and yet so many people still don’t trust it, or use it to their advantage.

You are being prepared for the next phase of the journey.

The message here is very clear… IF you have been doing enough deep inner work, and you have tapped into a deeper level of truth within, over the coming months you will be PROPELLED into the next chapter of your life with so much clarity and ease.

BUT, if you have been avoiding looking at the things that have been coming up to witness, if you have been avoiding your own inner wounding, if you are still blaming the external world for your life, then there is still work to be done.

After the Eclipse on the Full Moon, we will be transitioning into a new energy. One that will support higher manifestations, higher ascension (especially with the 11:11 portal right on the heels of the Full Moon Eclipse!).

It is time to prepare yourself to be amazed by what is coming.

But, you cannot stay a passive bystander in your life. It is time to get crystal clear on your dreams, goals and desires for your life, so that as soon as the eclipse energy subsides, you are ready to take MASSIVE ALIGNED ACTION on your life!

The guidance here is to focus on your Soul Star Chakra. Either do some work on activating this chakra, work on clearing your Akashic Records (if you need help with that, you can connect with me here).

(I have also just created a special Ascension Bundle, which includes some incredible practices for helping to work with the ascension chakras! It’s half price for today only!!)

The Soul Star is our point of access to the Stellar Gateway, and the Akashic Records. It is also the point of Conscious Creation.

The Soul Star helps us connect into our higher consciousness, allowing more light to land. Allows us to transcend limitations of the mind, and upgrade the light body.

You are being guided to RISE ABOVE THE PAST, and clear any limitations, and debris, any old stagnant energy, and step into the new.

There is also strong energy coming in from the Pleiades right now, guiding you to rebalance your chakras, and find a deeper inner alignment. Remove the ‘false alignment’ with the spiritual collective, and find the inner alignment you have been seeking.

Light Body activation is being called in here, to truly allow for the highest possible energy to activate and anchor in.

We are in a divine gateway of time, where there are endless possibilities available, but you need to be willing to go the extra mile to become the highest energetic version of yourself.

Over the coming 7 months, the new energy that is coming in, is bringing with it positive new opportunities, outcomes, and reasons for celebration!

If you have been experiencing a dark night of the soul in recent times, the message here is that the energy is finally shifting for the collective, and it is time to step into the new.

Remember that you are a conscious collaborator, creator, within your life. If you remain passive, there is little that will change. If you are willing to step forward as your HIGHESLF SELF, as the LEADER OF YOUR LIFE, then huge shifts are coming in.

Are you ready for what’s coming?

Is there anything you need to clear out of your field before you can move forward?

Are you ready to be the leader of your life?

What are you still resisting?

If you would like to work with me deeper on any of this, you can join me for mentoring here, or book a reading or energy healing session. Also, head over to the activations & meditations if you are wanting some tools to deepen your own personal practice.

For help with clearing out the Ego limitations of the mind, you can try the Chinnamasta Activation! This is one of my all time favourite practices for working with the mind, and releasing any old beliefs, thoughts, conditioning, limitations and so on.

Much love and many blessings divine souls



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