Weekly Energy Update: Monday 3rd October 2022

Welcome divine souls to this weeks energy update, channeled guidance, musings from the cosmos…

Welcome to another week, another update, and a brand new energy!

I can hear the word ‘FINALLY’ being said by many in the collective.

But this new energy isn’t without a few little twists and turns. You are being asked to surrender and release, even more. And while there will be many who will ask, how much more can I surrender, that in itself is what might be holding you back.

We are being asked to release and surrender all fears and doubts that may be arising. Fears of what you are being asked to surrender. Fear of what will be left after this season of debridement is over.

We are being asked to remember to stay open to the journey, and grateful for all of the lessons. And to remember that there is a grand symphony at play here.

There are still blocks from the past that are holding many back. Blocks around who you were, what you have to let go of. Blocks around the constructs that the mind has been conditioned to believe.

These are not easy things to let go of, and it takes time. Which is why there is guidance coming through here to remember, that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

This is not the time to allow the past to hold you back. To allow everything that you once believed to be true, to interfere with your expansion.

We are nearing the end of a heavy cycle, and there is ‘new light’ ahead. You are being asked to go a little deeper and see what you are still holding onto.

You are being called into sovereignty. But you cannot step into your fully divine sovereign self, if you are still carrying the burdens of the past. Your soul is craving peace. So what do you need to surrender, in order to allow peace into your life?

Mercury has just gone direct, and with that, there is an energetic pull now to open up to new forms of communication. But we have one Full Moon before the eclipse at the end of October, so it is time to get really clear about what you need to let go of, to be open to this new energy.

We are in an energetic squeeze right now. And it can feel like you are being ripped apart, or swimming under water. It may feel like you are revisiting old wounds, that you thought you had long since dealt with. This is showing you exactly what you need to see, in order to move into a new cycle.

Many will begin feeling a lightness coming through in their energy, but you may still feel some heaviness in the physical, while things recalibrate. This may be present for the coming 2-3 weeks, as things begin to settle in the physical expression.

This is a season of deep trust. And Surrender to the divine plan.

What have you been called to surrender, that you are still holding onto?

What fears are keeping you stuck in old cycles?

What are you still saying yes to, when you know you are meant to be saying a big ol’ Soul NO to?

How are you being guided to move through this next few weeks?

I know it may feel like we are moving around in circles, but remember, that we are moving in a spiral.

What practices are you feeling called to, to support you at the moment?

Are you maintaining healthy energetic hygiene?

Feel free to get support from one of our Activations here (you will know which one is for you at this time), or book a session with me to get some deeper clarity on what is holding you back at this stage in your journey.

Many blessings divine Souls,


ps. We begin Radical Reclamation this week, for those who are feeling called to join in for this once in a lifetime experience.

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