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Weekly Energy Update: Monday 4th December

Welcome to a brand new week, and a new energy update!

This week we have the final Full Moon of 2022, in the sign of Gemini. The sign of twins. The illumination of both our dark and light aspects of self. The balance within. A balance between our humanness and our divinity.

And while I am not an astrologer, I love looking at how the energy is being influenced by the ebb and flow of the moon, and the energy of the signs that are influencing the current moon phase.

As I sat to write this energy update, there were so many messages coming through, unlike last week, when there was simply silence.

This week you may feel the influence of the Full Moon pulling you in 2 directions. Trying to find peace within the journey, and also a desire to create something new. A pull to begin to step into more of your light and a pull to meet yourself more fully in the dark void within.

This is a time for REVISION. To reassess where you are at with your life, your choices, your desires, and make any course corrections that you need to make.

It is a time to listen to the beat pulsating within the heart, and let the mind rest a little.

You may find yourself being pulled in what feels like opposing directions. Try to resist making any final decisions if you are feeling pulled, and simply be with what is.

You may notice that things feel a little more CHARGED this week, increasing in intensity, and bringing things from the past to the surface.

Try to honour what your human self needs, and what your soul needs.

The message coming through here is that there is a magnetic charge coming in, to try to bring in inner union and Sacred Polarity.

Anyone in a TF dynamic, may find things are a little more heightened this week, as the energy tries to balance out. Also there is a lot of karmic clearing taking place, from lifetimes I am being told, so try to stay grounded and connected to your centre.

Heart chakra clearing is vital here. And keeping yourself in a balance energy.

It is a time to clear out any negative patterns or beliefs that you are still holding onto before the end of the year, and allow yourself the space and compassion to heal any wounding that has surfaced recently. There is no need to carry this pain and suffering forward into the new year.

It is also important to lovingly enforce your boundaries this week, as things may be tested. The message here is, that you may be tested this week to see how strong your boundaries really are.

The guidance this week is to allow the illumination of the Full Moon, to bring up anything that has been repressed, so you can heal it once and for all.

Try not to see any emotions or situations as good or bad. Simply allow them to be exactly what they are. So you can see the deeper lessons here.

If you work with the moon cycles, journey with the Full Moon this month, and release the weight of the world from your shoulders! It is time to let the past be in the past, and step into a new season of your life.

Give your emotions the time and space they need to be fully witnessed, so you can truly heal. Don’t rush the process. Let the journey be exactly what it needs to be.

If you have been struggling to keep yourself grounded and balanced, work with this practice here.

How are you choosing to work with this Full Moon?

How are you wanting to close out 2022?

What cycles need to close out?

What guidance have you received to help you move forward?

What are you still holding onto, that you know you need to surrender?

Where are you noticing the push/pull dynamic playing out in your life?

I hope this week brings you a deeper clarity for the path ahead!

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