What is Conscious Lovers?

What if you could create a relationship that is full of divine love, and one that never ends?

Would you be willing to surrender what you believe to discover what could be?

That is what Conscious Lovers is all about. Creating a foundation of love that is so strong, it can’t be broken. And that relationship is with yourself.

“First need to light our own way home

Before we can help guide those around us”

You are the only person you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with. So, we start with you. Building a foundation of love for yourself that allows you to be who you truly are. To allow yourself the freedom and safety to drop the mask you wear in the world, and feel comfortable in your vulnerability with being you.

When we develop a deep relationship with ourselves, a strong foundation of love and deep intimacy, we release the need to seek it externally in a needy, yearning, obsessive way.

When we feel a deep sense of love and contentment within ourselves, we can then experience that kind of love with another.

The love we have been yearning for has been inside of us all along.

By developing strong self-love, filling yourself up with divine intimacy, you will then find the quality of your relationships change. All of them, not just your romantic relationships.

So, we start with you.

How do you become your own greatest lover? That is where Conscious Lovers starts. Teaching us how to connect with ourselves in a way we may have never done before.

And then we turn that love to our partners. To feel the expansion of love radiating out into the world, and finding its home within your Sacred Love, your Sacred Union. When we are full of love, the expansion of joy and gratitude radiates out to our love.

By bringing in Tantric elements, energy work, deep healing and heart opening medicine, Conscious Lovers brings an awareness to where the blocks in your life are, and allows you the space to clear through them. To work on building a love for yourself and your love that comes from deep within.

For anyone who is new to Tantra, you might be thinking it’s only about sex. That is a common misconception. For those who are ready to go deeper, Tantra is so much more than that. It is a deeper spiritual awareness, awakening through connection, intimacy and sexual awakening. It opens us up to Sacred Union, within ourselves and with others.

By doing the work, you will not only deepen your relationship with your love, but with yourself and in all your relationships.

You will see the world through new eyes. You will begin to shatter the beliefs you have around life, love and relationships, and begin to build new ones.

Once the foundation is set, we can then have some FUN. We will talk about all things relationships, sex and tantra. All things feminine, masculine and energy. We will dance to awaken our innate energy centres and learn new layers of play.

“We only ever experience the level of love from another, that we have for ourselves”

So are you ready to experience a deeper love for yourself? And in Sacred Union?

Are you ready to become Conscious Lovers?

Head here for details on the Conscious Lovers Course

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